Is it edging to smoke a cigarette

Day#52. When I was in pmo I starts all the routine of pmo with continues smoking. Now I quit smoking and pmo both. I do very care of my eyes, thoughts and emotions with hard mode. But I use to smoke a cigarette after some days. Is it edging to smoke a cigarette after 10 or more days.? Because in past smoking and pmo were together.


Nope. Edging in terms of nofap is to masterbate without reaching orgasm and ejaculate. Or in cases if you peek at porn or nudes without doing masterbation could also be edging for some.

This is all what edging is and the smoking doesn’t matter concerned to nofap. Nofap is actually like an anti-pmo. No porn, no masterbation and no orgasms. Not away to fix your life but it kinda gets you motivated to do more.

Hopes this helps. Stay strong and awesome and good luck stay !


Thanks for the information. :heart_eyes: I think smoking or other stuff like smoking is not good during nofab, smoking can make our brain vibrations into low. Sometimes low vibrations can be a strong trigger to PMO.
When I somkes it triggers me a little and I have to be very present in present moment to avoid that trigger.