Is it better to cum when edge?

Last night i started to talk with a girl by chat, sexual things. I know i shouldn’t have done it but it happened. I got aroused like total edge but didn’t jerk off. I stopped and went to sleep. Now i still have the urge. Mi question is, is it better to release when you edge so as to avoid being arouse the next day?. I feel like i failed but with no orgasm. I feel sad for that.

You should let the feeling come without acting upon it.
Close your eyes feel the tension where is it in your body. Concentrate on it and its gone slowly and slowly.
Do some aerobics. Run so Fast so hard that every single negative energy is realeased out.
Talking with girl sexualy is not the problem but you should try to talk to that girl in real world face to face. That way you can cure your problem.
Peace. Bro.


Thanks bro i’ll do as you say. Im gonna excersice And think about it.

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Is better not edge at all.

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Never edge. Tho talking to a real girl is fine.

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