Is it all in mind?

Is masturbation really bad? Or is just a state of mind and/or cultural learning which tells it is immoral and/or unethical?

Is it perfectly fine if we don’t overdo it?

Please enlighten with your experiences.



Masturbation is bad !! . It is not only bad but the worst thing a man can ever do .
Proof : i was used to be the most confident guy in our whole school. Girls r just mad for me . But then I did a mistake i.e. I accepted the proposal of one girl which is currently my Gf. We r in relationship for almost 3 years. She taught me everything like Masturbation (I knew it before but didn’t have any interest in Masturbation) , sex , phone sex , etc. In beginning i was feeling so much pleasure in it but After some time When I looked to myself I realized that I was addicted to sex and Masturbation very badly. However by so much efforts I managed to get rid of sex addiction but not from Masturbation addiction. I hv been masturbating since last 2.5 years. I have lost my Confidence, my skin glow , MY HAIR LINE is RECEDED (this makes me depressed) and I noticed that no girl is now interested in me , you know what the reason is only Masturbation . I have lost so much just because of it .
My biggest mistake was :- I said YES to her for her proposal… I m not saying that she is wrong but I didn’t have knowledge about Masturbation and got to know about it when I was trapped in Its addiction.
Masturbation is the worst thing…i m repeating it.
But yeah somehow now i m recovering from Masturbation addiction but currently I m depressed just because of my receded hairline. I hope I’ll get it back by semen retention n other stuff !!
My CS : 18 Days :slight_smile:


Yes it is bad. It takes energy and time from you like all the other addictions, you will be better without it.


Thanks brother @yashnofap01 for sharing your experience.
I am also facing hairfall.
Thanks again for the words of wisdom

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Ok this is my opinion on things please no hate. This community is great and all for support but some things l don’t believe in.
See too much of anything is bad and that includes Masturbating. Now I believe the effects of masturbation is loneliness, relationships problem… things like that but other negative stuff to me are far fetch like hair loss and loss of skin glow - not saying it can’t happen but is it related to masturbation? And what proof? I mean I guess it could if you like masturbated 5 times a day but yeah.
Anyways masturbation like l said in other posts is mainly bad because of lust. This will mess you up to the point of depression and if not dealt with can lead to suicide. This is because when you orgasm you trick your brain that you just had sex. When you think(or seen thru porn) about someone when you cum it tricks the brain even if you didn’t have the actual sex you still will feel connected to that person even if they don’t feel the same way to you. I believe it’s the orgasm that was designed for our future wife for us to be emotionally, physically and spiritually bonded with them. Now if that’s the case and you cum to every girl tricking your brain you had sex with multiple people your mental state of trying to so call “love” them by masturbation will never satisfy you. This is why we practice here self control because orgasm will never give satisfaction as it just takes from you like you want more and more of that pleasure. We practice here to also control ourselves because sex is good but sex just like masturbation can be an addiction and addiction is not so good


You don’t know about OJAS? … Ojas is next stage of semen when we retain it for very longer time.

Ojas can do anything. You will not find this in modern science and medical books . You can only find this in AYURVEDA or 100s of years ago medical science. Semen nourishes our mind,skin,hairs,muscles,increase testosterone levels and what not.

Actually I was also used to be the blind follower of modern medical science but when I felt that in my own body then I realized that modern medical science don’t have every answer of human body till now. So yeah semen loss definitely impacts in hair health and skin !!:dizzy:


Beautiful thoughts. Thanks @Mitchy for those valuable insights. Your points are really helpful and practical.

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Thanks for the information.
Can you please provide any reference of ojas from any authentic scriptures/book?
I would love to read and understand.

Sure thing and your welcome @BreatheAndLiveLife. At the end of the day you believe whatever is wrong and right as it’s your lifestyle in your hands. Be Smart, Be Healthy and Be Strong. Merry Christmas and Stay AWESOME


Merry Christmas :grinning:.

Thanks for your wishes. May god bless you always.

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God bless you all and keep you well :smiley:

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Well, after 25 days I can control my illness, and without masturbating I can communicate with people, be friends with them without shame. I can set my goal, I start to build a good habit. I’m female btw.


Thank you @cynthiacc98 for sharing your experience.

Fap 10 times per day. Continue this process for 7 days. You will get the result…
This is a simple experiment.

May be in limit or unlimited poison is always poison.

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I am sister at forum and welcome @BreatheAndLiveLife :smiley::wave:
The worst fact that you realize the effects after you become addicted …
And to be addicted means that you have no choice ( but no :shushing_face: don’t listen for that sound ever … )
Everyone have choice … this forum for example you can’t imagine how was a great exploring to me when I realized like alarm oooh my god oooh my god I am addicted !!

This pain and this feeling to be hunger for more doing this …

and by going your ages forward it will be difficult and danger this discribe how bad it is … it’s not about culture nope ! It’s about curiosity for knowing … fortunately it’s not like watching a documentary movie , absolutely my friend …
You know why ??
Our brain knows and created for s** and we know that man and girl together there something but don’t know exactly what is when we have the opportunity to know about how
As a baby we came this world ? :thinking: we are not thinking at all we just explore and try to open our eyes :flushed::flushed: for something we are not ready for it , our brain and body don’t ready to have this maximum pleasure … and of course we can’t ignore that we have and I am one of fappers that my life was in fights all the time no quite … no good scence at my home so , :pensive: fap and porn was my space and by time I realized the trash that I was in it .
I hope all the best in your journey … be proud about your past and present stay appreciated yourself and don’t go back


Hey sister @NhTbH , your words of wisdom and experience are really great to read.
Thanks for showering with your valuable insights.

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Take care on your health and what you want to do From now … :muscle::fire:
All the companion are back to you anytime you needed :+1:

Sure thing. Thanks for the motivational words. I will reach out to companions like you in the hour of need.
Thanks again.
You too take care. :grinning::+1:

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