Is it a relapse?

Yesterday I had a wet dream on my 8th day of this streak . I don’t why but the quantity of semen was too much , almost same as any relapse
Should I consider this as relapse ?

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If you were sleeping, then no it ain’t a relapse

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Wet dreams are not relapses so no worries bro.

Nope its a trap whatever you did its a wet dream so dont even think about, again it ita a trap!

No it’s not chill…its nottttttt so chilllll

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Thanks guys , Got it🙏

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Is that Bill Gates?
I like him. He’s a good man. But sadly people in his own country thinks he’s a devil. Bunch of idiots.

Ofc , I am one of the biggest fan of bill gates .
Yeah , some ppl don’tlike him, they are the ones who resist changes

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Not only resist changes… they think he made the Covid 19. Try searching for a video on bill gates talking about covid and look at the comments, filled with idiots.
Forgive me Einzelganger

Yep , I have watched that video
Ppl are just mad , one who has donated billions in charity why will he create a virus .
And he is one of the most genius minds in the world , so ofc his predictions have high chances of becoming true