Is it a relapse of having pornographic thoughts?

Just as the title says. I have been having thoughts on some blonde girl in college and I am not sure if it counts as a relapse. In my opinion it’s not like watching porn but I guess I should let the community discuss this…

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, and there’s nothing wrong with passing desires of intamacy with someone. It’s wrong to take it too far. And by too far I mean to stop and stare and think too long, with only lustful thoughts. If you look at this young woman and only desire her as a sex object, remind yourself to look beyond that. Her hair stands out to you. It’s beautiful. That’s okay. Going home with her in mind and 'MOing, maybe not so okay. Put that energy into something else, maybe even approaching her and asking to get a coffee. If she says no, that’s okay too. Let it go.

Thoughts alone aren’t a relapse, but I think letting them get out of hand wont do you any favors.

If you are on your early days as nofaper then that’s very normal I get sexual thoughts too, it’s build in us to want to procreate soo our minds have to make these images and scenarios to pursue these needs intensely its animal nature, focusing and oozing about such thoughts is what that’s will keep you stagnant the more you are on nofap the more these thoughts become soo “powerful” when they happen listen to your body be mindfull about what’s happening because they come and go just be mindful

No that’s not a relapse. However, “having thoughts” is one thing and indulging in fantasy is another.