Is it a good idea to aim for NoFap 2019?

I have started to create a list of all my goals for next year. Obviously that list would be incomplete without a NoFap objective. My only doubt is would it be a good idea to aim high as opposed to the classic “90 days”? On one hand I can see that aiming high would create additional motivation, but I can also imagine that if you fail a yearly goal the fall will be much harder. What do you guys think?

My current streak: 15 days
My code: 2950ce


I personally wouldn’t like the goal for two reasons.

  • For me, it wouldn’t be realistic
    With an average of 2 weeks or so, it just isn’t realistic to stay clean for a year. people would say “aim high” but you can also aim too high. It is of no use to over-estimate your capabilities. That only leads to frustration
  • Imagine you relapse once. After that you failed your main goal of the year. what happens if you fail in January? What would mean that for your nofap-motivation for the year?

I prefer goals where I can keep going and still reach it even after a relapse. I personally would instead go for 2 goals

  • The 3 highest streaks of the year should sum up to 270 days.
    That means, it could be 3 times a 90day streak (which is not too bad) or once 270. That means that even if you relapse once or twice, you can still reach your goal.
  • Never relapse twice in a week.
    Otherwise you could just binge for a week and than start again to reach goal number one.

So, with these two combined you accomplish two great things. Aim for a huge streak and stop binging.