Is here somebody with GF and PM challenge only?

Hi. I started cause of my addicted perverted mind.

But i have girlfriend and O with her is natural, i think.

What do you think? Have you similar opinion?

I relapsed after first week. Maybe companion helps me. So…

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Yours opinion about PM interest me too.


I’m married, and personally I think that there is a big difference between that and intimacy with a girlfriend.

But, to address your questions:

  1. Marital intimacy is not the same as PMO. One will not replace the other.
  2. If you are just using a girl for pleasure, that’s a relapse too.
  3. O is a natural part of procreation. It is only bad if
    It is after P or M.
    It is achieved selfishly.
  4. The best way that she could help you is if you talked together about your addiction and she helped to hold you accountable.

Hey @Hit.Neon

I’ve been in a relationship for quite some years and among some of those I’ve been doing no PM. Sometimes I thought that I might really need to do hardmode, despite the relationship, in order to finally recover from this addiction. It’s not the same though.

This is just my personal opinion: I think having an orgasm while masturbating to porn as opposed to intercourse with someone in a relationship is completely different. PMO happens in isolation, when we are trying to cope or numb something. Intercourse with someone in a relationship happens in a different setting, it’s about connecting and being together. After a PMO session you’ll immediately feel shame and regret. After intercourse in a relationship, that doesn’t happen. You can also check tons of posts from NoFappers in the forums talking about sex with prostitutes and that’s similar to PMO, because there’s no connection, it’s just for your selfish urge and after that, you’ll feel shame and regret too. In other words, it’s the mental state and relationship that makes the difference here.


PMO was sellfish. O with GF is not. I think totally about my GF. She is one of the reasons, why I do this.

I told her about this. And she is helping me a little.

So, sorry loners. But remember one proverb “Each product has its buyer”.

Thanks for your opinion. I feel it similar. And in main I feel healthy. So, be aware of urges.

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