Is getting a bj or bj from a female a relapse?

So … This weekend I had gotten a hj from a good female friend lol… but I don’t really consider that a relapse for ME PERSONALLY… my reasoning because my main reason I am tryin to beat my porn addiction is becuz u have experienced porn induced ED in the past… so my main goal is get back to being normal. So this weekend during HJ I was able to perform fine… no porn. Didn’t even fantasies bout porn and I was fine… Was wondering if I would restart my “counter” or not… Hopefully… I did have to restart cuz I was still turned on by that HJ that I relapsed with PMO … soooo catch 22


Depends on what your goal is currently. No P? No PM? No PMO? You tell.

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No porn for sure…to get rid of p*** induced erectile dysfunction


Haha :joy: I am not expert at pmo but it’s a handjob right so what’s the difference? Being done by yourself or by a good friend lol . Just curious.

Well I have since relapsed myself so I reset counter anyways lol

I don’t think it counts for only P. But fits MO. Also what of Nightfalls (only O)

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yes bro its a relapse … cause nature only recommend the sexual intercourse , all other techniques made by human except sexual intercourse are count as relapse …


I think you should decide whether it’s a relapse or not. Decide your goals and go for them.
The actual state of mind of yours is more important than some dumb counter. Don’t listen anybody. Make your own rules based on what’s good for YOU and stick to them.

Good luck with the current new streak, my man! Hope you achieve whatever you aiming for with this “thing of ours” :raised_hands::100::v:


Thank u all for advice and thoughts on matter. But yes. I do need to make it appropriate for me and. My situation… :fist:

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This guy right here gets it