Is edging okay?

Is it even possible for anyone in nofap not to keep edging? Jesus christ

No, edging isn’t okay. Reason one, you need to avoid the dopamine rush that it brings. Second, edging will most probably make you relapse.


It definitely isn’t okay. Sure, porn is the real evil but edging will guarantee you to relapse.
Also, it can just shift your addiction from watching porn and fap to “just” edging for hours.

I know, it is really hard to not do it but it will get easier


Not to forget painful blue balls. :joy:


Thank you for your replies, do u guys have ways to prevent my brain from fantasizing? Its really hard not to imagine srsly. Im desperate

  • keep yourself busy.
  • realize that fantacizing doesn’t help you acomplish anything. start doing

To add to that was already said:

Think in how you feel in your last relapse, that horrible, painful suffering and anxiety that comes after.
That short pleasure was worth it? Hell NO!

And the more you keeping doing it, the less you will be satisfied by it. In fact, you will never be satisfied with nothing if you keep doing it.

And this is why we MUST STOP THIS.
It is not going anywhere good, it is just leading us to a pool of unsatisfacton and hating because we cannot control ourselves.

And do not think you can weaken the urge by edging.
The opposite is the truth, you are just giving power to it.

The key to overcoming urges is: just ignore it and do something else. Things that can help:

  • Go to a public place
  • Have a walk
  • Exercise
  • Clean your room

The urge WILL PASS if you not feed it.
Be strong!


True as fuck its almost Impossible to Stop at least for me so ist Stop Doing it


Thank you for the help guys

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