Introduction ibraheem234

ce693fb this my sharing code
Just started using this app.
My age is 25. Struggling with lot of life choices. Am a fresh graduate looking for job. But at times depression takes over. Sometimes concerned over sexual orientation while also trying to balance religion. Parental expectations is also one of perks that makes me frustrated… Being pressured for marriage has also become an issue.
With this going on and balancing social delemma of how I am a weirdo and thoughts of how I am inferior to other sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts as well.
Masturbation and porn seemed to the refuge from all of this… just now thinking about it makes me horny again
But recently I have adopted new hobbies and friends who support me as what I am.
But I still relapse to porn and milking junior…
I want to get better… I want to change… This is one of the steps I am taking… I hope you can add me. For now not looking for love interest but a friend who encouraged me to move forward while I also encourage him/ her in return
Relapsed two times already in a day but not giving up


Hey Ibraheem,

I’ve added you, my code is 098993a

Please feel free to vent anything to me, even if it’s boring, depressing or whatever.
And please don’t fall into deeply negative thinking, I’m really with you on that.

Don’t beat yourself up, and keep well my friend! Let’s do this!

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I also add you… Have a nice day with nofap…
You can also add me… My share code is 8a4747

Thanks man
is there a way to personal chat with companions here…

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Ok man thanks I have added you too

Yeah, and I’ll msg you right now :wink: