Intense Junk Food Craving During NoPMO

can anyone explains that why junk food craving increases during no pmo
how to get rid of it

Maybe dopamine tries to find new sources of pleasures/satisfaction. Which we get from junk food rather than healthy food.

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yes you are right junk food also spikes dopamine
& when we leave pmo ,we need dopamine ,so our brain diverts
but how can i get rid of it

See its not just one addiction we are fighting now… it’s a series of addictions… one connecting to the other.

So just how you are fighting the PMO addiction… you have to fight the junk food addiction too… tale decisions… make good and healthy habits…

:point_up_2: And don’t let your domapine hunt for new short term pleasure… teach a hard learnt lesson to your dopamine… what’s wrong is wrong…

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I think it is because the urges as we call them are nothing more than anxiety. Anxiety can manifest in different ways, one of them being the craving for eating junk food. You’ll experience a lot of other manifestation so it may be a good exercise if you could list those actions that your anxiety leads you to do

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