InfinitelyStrong's DIARY: Self Improvement and Nofap

I wanted to create a new diary in the new year. But since I was busy during the first week, couldn’t create one but now here I’m.


Day 210:

Yesterday’s mock was bad. Getting below 500 range. Not proper planning and not completing revision was the reason mainly.

Hoping to excel in next test.

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Day 220:

How I fuck up last 12 days with almost little to no study at all -

  1. Made a plan for the week

  2. Couldn’t complete the goals according to the plan in Day 1 due to xyz reasons

  3. In Day 2 kept thinking about day 1 and since the plan schedule is fucked so kept procrastinating in day 2

  4. Stress and anxiety kicked in and hence to escape started reading some erotic literature for momentarily pleasure.

  5. In Day 3, Studied half of the amount that I should study

  6. In day 4, some family interruption comes in, about 6 hours went there, Instead of quickly resuming study I kept thinking about the gone 6 hours and in the process lost the upcoming hours too.

  7. In Day 5, frustrated me almost seeing the wek is about to end, started to panic and rescheduled the tasks with unrealistic deadline.

  8. Day 6, Tasks not completed in unrealistic deadline and again stress and anxiety kicks in. Started procrastinating.

  9. Procrastination leads to binge watching YouTube shit again and again and other stuffs.

  10. And here I’m successfully wasting my last 12 days and I’ve 2 days for next mock.

What I learnt:

  1. Don’t set unrealistic deadlines.

  2. Better not make any unrealistic plan at all. It gives false gratification after writing it down and sticking in wall but in the long run if any schedule is fucked, I tend to get depressed and start procrastinating out of anxiety.

  3. Set goals and deadlines in mind and keep studying without any anxiety.

  4. Keep yourself free from any sexual thoughts/stimulation/possible triggers. I’ll reset my counter next time indulge in any such activity, even slightly.

  5. Keep studying and take proper break. Release your overthinking and other thoughts during break time only, not during study.


What are you preparing for? NEET?


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