Infidel Challenge for anyone!


This is an open challenge for anyone.

If I relapse, I will write:

“I love Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud” for a freaking 1000 times.

And if you lose, you will have to write:

“I love Donald Trump and Trump loves me” for 1000 times as well.

Why am I doing this? I love challenge and I thrive on it. My aim is to get rid of porn and masturbation out of my life and I am gonna do whatever it takes.

Enough with the chatter, so who’s up for it?

Note: You’ll have to write it in your notebook and post it here if you lose. No copy-paste!



Lmao,…lets do this

Here is my code 150d97…1000x is ridiculous tho, make it a 100

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@sal1538 Bring it on habibi !

Look who’s waiting for ya!



I’ve have reset my counter.

Hi, count me in :smile_cat: aac63d.

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Dont want to reset the counter…its on day 8

@sal1538 150d97 Day 10
@Moonstar aac63d Day 1
@Parasitica 39d288 Day 1

Infidel Challenge
@Gabriel.Oak Day 1