Indians and nofap

i saw many indians on here. Is there any additional connection to culture or religion when it comes to nofap and india?

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I think it’s just the large population :joy:
India houses 1.4 billion people, second largest population on earth after China. Now you’d ask why there’s no such large number of Chinese. That’s because they have their own intranet specific for their own country​:rofl::rofl:

Jokes aside, yes. Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) does speak about benefits of semen retention.


I think you know Swami Vivekananda. He told us about semen retention if we Save our semen we will gain a higher energy lvl like A god. Of course not real one but you will be detoxed from the poisonous Adult think and you will come into your purest form.And someone told me that semen nourishes our brain. In a research of semen. Semen was 90% of water and 10% of the nutrients which nourishes the neurons of our brain.

I am also trying it 3 hrs to go for 4 days.

Greetings from India❤️

I love to eat Switzerland’s chocolate.:pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:
Can you give me one


Self control bro🤣
You gotta practice it

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I will also practice No chocolates for 150 days for my fitness I am just similar to Snorlax’s Kid​:expressionless::joy:


Yeah… It’s stated in the vedas that one should preserve his semen…the concept of Nofap originated from the vedas and other Indian religious books…the loss of semen is considered as the greatest loss… Even if you suffer a loss of billion dollars… The loss of semen is even far more greater than that… But now a days Indians are not following there culture and now very few Indians are left, who follow spiritual life🙄…that’s why we’re going to be the no. 1 country to commit suicide among the youngsters…The land of culture is no more… Now you may find wise monks only in the Himalayas…that’s why India is top 3 in watching porn😖… If you’re an Indian… It’s a humble request… let’s spread our culture again… Let’s free India from this fap thing… I don’t know why some people in India wants to follow the Western culture… No offense… But see, Indians can’t be like Americans… Every country has it’s speciality and Uniqueness…like the uniqueness of Japan is technology…and they are proud of it…the uniqueness of India is spirituality… then why we are moving away from it??.. This comment was actually for the Indian youngsters who think that following another culture would make them cool…again no offense… all I wanna say is that we should follow our culture…Hare Krishna🙏


In which shloka of which veda can u say? Please educate me? Any reference is fine i have there printed copies and would love to look into them

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Bro I haven’t read the vedas…I’m sorry for using the word ‘Vedas’… I have heard people say that bhagavad gita is a summary of the vedas… And one should read it… So here’s the sloka in which Krishna talks about celibacy: