Incurred many defeats

It’s so sad to realise the defeats I incurred along the years, and how it changed me to weaker, negative person. lots of hopes and beliefs lost, despair conquered.

My cousin told me today, " whenever you need me, call me and I’ll be there" , I said something to turn his offer down, I said something like ‘no one have a time for others’ ,.

Just to realise, how many defeats I incurred , and how many times I dropped my ego and asked for help, friend , family… But I never represented as priority to anyone. I come last, no one would bother. That this is now my new normal, integrated in my reality. That I can ask for help, but no one there to answer the call.

Everyone busy, and what they’re doing is so important, it can’t wait, running, chasing nothingness.


I believe in you bro I just started my journey not today


That’s what and how life hits you. Suffering with the same condition friend. I understand. It really hits that the people with whom you stood in their bad times aren’t any longer with you.
It’s for the better cause that you start and adapt to living alone. Be a lone Tiger bro. I know it’s not that easy. But build it over days.


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