Incredible Tool for Nofap

17 days nofap here. Until the beginning of this streak I couldn’t even go one day without edging for the last several months. But I’ve tried something that I haven’t seen on the forms before and it is totally responsible for me controlling my urges:

The Lungota!!! Yes I’m not from India so the idea came out of nowhere, but I felt like I needed something to block me from randomly putting my hand down my pants to my junk, and I figured the constrictiveness would numb things down there, and it worked!

I did buy lungotis (plural) online but they’re expensive, you can just take a t-shape cloth and tie it over your boxers. I put my boxers on first then the lungota then shorts over. Check out YouTube for a tutorial. Don’t tie it too tight so there’s no blood going down there, but keep it tight enough that you can’t slip your hand down. It will essentially keep you from touching yourself and act like a chastity lock. I wear it when I’m at home and when I’m sleeping, not when I go out.

I never post to this form, I only lurk, but I’ve had a lot of success with this and I think other people would too. So I felt the need to write this, hope some of you try it.

Or you could opt for the good old fashion self control. It’s kinda an important tool in life. Just saying.

Commitment dude… I am a fan of hard fit underwear. Actually this is a little same as loincloth from Japan as well. You can wear with any material cloth… I tried it for fun… But I cannot wear it for long term. I really appreciate your commitment. Thankyou for sharing but it’s not really for me. Really appreciate you sharing and giving advice
Still a novice but am trying
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