Increased testosterone in urine

Hey guys
Since last few days, my mother is scolding me about not flushing properly after I take a piss
Although in my thoughts I was doing it good enough
My mother says it smells
She told me to drink more water too, maybe less water drinking could lead to more concentrated urine
Although last night I drank 3/4th of a litre bottle
And today of course I woke up to discharge all that.
I flushed it twice and each time for prolonged time
My mother still complained about it. It was early in the morning and she came about 2 hours late
Now I want to think if that’s the increased testosterone in my urine that does it. (I remember from the show Man vs Wild that male’s urine gives off the smell that marks their territory, and it doesn’t apply to women because they don’t have enough testosterone, so the animals would come)
I’m on my 20th day

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Nope… urine doesn’t contain testosterone. The smell is due to many other things but not testosterone… Drink more and more water… you’ll be healthier… Happy days!!


I did empty 3/4th of one litre bottle last night before sleeping
Today I woke up with an urge to empty all that. I flushed twice and for prolonged time each. If I had water deficiency, it’d have been apparent enough. I don’t see this a proper answer

It can be because of high Uria. Reduce protein intake and check

Will check
I do think this could be a reason

When is he talking about urine?? … moreover it’s disgusting :confounded:

Its right after that
Here’s the extended version

He takes a piss around the carcass so as to mark a territory and animals won’t come nearby
The animals can figure out the testosterone and hence won’t come into the marked territory

You Should not only Drink water before sleeping but throughout tha day u should keep drinking small amount of water and drink atleast 4-5 litres a day.
And the smell is because of ammonia you should reduce your protein intake and try eating green vegetables.
You won’t see results in next day wait for few weeks if not try consulting a doctor…

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Go to 10 minutes
You’ll see

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Guess you’re right
I did eat too much of pulses
I was conscious of water intake yesterday
OK will try that

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