In nofap make love is not a relapse, having sex is

I am a guy in love with a long distance relationship.
Since I have given up on self-eroticism, I thought of satisfying this need concretely by having sex, in the belief that this would alleviate the lovesickness at least for a while.
I felt even worse than fapping.
After sex, my pain was twice as bad as before, and my guilt was skyrocketing too.
After 29 years of my life I had finally realized that what I needed was not to have sex but to make love with the person I love.
I’ve never made love to any woman in my entire life, but I realized that after making love you don’t feel broken, but happy.
This is why making love (not compulsively) is not a relapse, but on the contrary one of the final goals of nofap, in addition to many other benefits that are incalculable in number.

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