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First of all, pardon me for my english. I’m an italian guy, i’m 26, and I have a problem with masturbation. I simply cannot stop masturbating, i do it once a day but every session take me two hours or more. In the last months I understood I have a problem, but I’m not able to stop. Every time I decided to stop, I suffered from anxiety. And every time something in my mind went wrong, and I found myself masturbating again. I want to stop that, forever. I need you help. I need your advice. I need your supervision. I need someone who knows my situation. Please, help me.


Hey there @Thomasfermann!

Sure glad to help! I will be here to help you.

Thanks for opening up and welcome to the forum.

Well sure feeling nervous or anxious when it comes to handeling urges. It is a natural feeling. This can be stopped by just calming yourself down with activities you like and to really zone out and have fun!

Distract your thoughts with your favourite music or do some exercise that sort of thing even build lego or solve rubiks cubes or sudoku. The list here is endless.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome !

Decide deeply that you need to change in order to reach your potential.

Thanks for your answer, it means a lot to me. I really have to fight with the urge, because I work almost everyday at home with my pc. I will try you suggestions.

If cold turkey is not working for you, then try a gradual approach. For example, cut down to 1 hour per day in the first week, then 30min in the second week, and so on.

It would also be very helpful for you to find an activity to do in the freed up time, something fun and relaxing to you, not something you have to force yourself to do.

Im 25 and same problem for few month.cant control my urges after 2 to 4days.Many doctors say that for the medical chckup

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Perhaps this will help

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