In need of a change with a friend

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Why I want a companion - Well, I wanna improve myself and I need someone to push me to do a bit more.


I also want to change myself
Let’s do that


Awesome!! And thanks for joining and the support


How about a mini challenge?? How does 15 days sound to you @ravi23 ?

A mini challenge is good idea. After completing mini challenge we will have more motivation for 90 days or 150 days challenges.

Incoming new challenge… @ravi23

Well try it if you’d like, but I have been thinking as I mentioned in my dairy that I don’t really accept my body as much as I really need to… Maybe going it to the weekend maybe reflecting on how you view your body? Also to redirect viewing your body in a different light other than planning to change your physique to really learn to love your body and all of it to be the most beautiful thing you’ve seen and to view it more than a sex toy or tool… maybe learn something new about it like for example seeing how flexible it is or strong… dunno it is up to you…

Maybe also reflect on why you want to change it… Difficult questions… Maybe a weird path to healing and thinking of yourself in a better light?


If we don’t like something it means we don’t accept it. If you want to love yourself then accept yourself first. What is the meaning of "accept yourself " ? It means that whatever is happening in my life can be controlled by myself. To control anything in our life we have "Rope " that is called mindset. After every fap we feel guilty.

Fapping make us weak and guilt make our mindset weak and with that weak mindset we can’t accept ourselves.

But remember one thing fap and guilt make our body and mindset weak not our SOUL nothing can touch our soul. We are not the body or mindset. We are pure soul so can adopt a new mindset and can change our body.

In the and - If you are thinking that you were wrong then that’s not true brother, your mindset was wrong, what you have done was wrong.
It’s the time to reset your mindset and love yourself.

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