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Hey, so I had sex after days of nofap. It felt good, my PIED is completely cured. The only problem is that I ejaculate too early. I moed two times(yesterday and today) for better sex but I feel awful now… My girl is going to come on Sunday back in town and I feel anxiety coursing through my veins… O have only maximum 3 amd a half days to get back on nofap. Will I be able to have a proper erection and willingness for sex till then?..

As a virgin in his mid-20s I don’t know if I can help much, but I’ll try my best.
With the information you’ve given, it sounds like you need to make it clear with your partner what you feel.
I don’t know if this is a long term relationship but, if it is, they should be expected to be supportive and take it slow to help you feel comfortable.
If it’s short term, you may need to reflect on what porn does that you worry your partner can’t.

I would suggest getting in touch with your body as well, I don’t know if masturbating without porn is for you but it should help you become more comfortable with yourself and how your body works.
Lastly, where is the anxiety coming from? If you are worried your partner will reject you if you can’t perform then that may need to be a conversation at some point.

If you give more context I’m sure others will be able to help further.

Take what I say with a grain of salt, I’m just some guy on the internet, but I hope this helped and I’m happy to discuss it further if need be.


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