I'mreally looking for a companion (preferably a woman)


Sharing code -213e96e

Current streak - 1.5 days
Highest streak - around 5 days but not on this app
Age - 18
Gender - F
Location - Chile

Why I want a companion -
Hey there! I’m determined to do this but I’m not sure i can do it alone…
So i really would like someone to talk to… Someone who understands…
I would prefer if it was a woman… But if youre a respectful guy then i wouldnt mind

Thanks, i hope we can help each other


Paging @Amanda @KateSista

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Like taher mentioned, They’re the only females I knew in this community. I’ve already added them both as my companions.

But if you want you can add me.

My sharing code is : 79b68e

Current streak : 44 days.



You can be part of my companion if you want. I am not female but I wouldn’t mind. I think its good to know that the other gender is also against this and that makes you become serious about fighting this addiction because its a worldwide thing that isn’t small.
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Current streak: 1 day


You can add me too, if you are on serious note
Highest streak- 16 days
Current streak - 16 days


Can we chat with the companions.


My name is Joy.
Age:25 years.
Sharing code: c42f17a
My current streak is 15 days. I’ve done more, but not on this app. I’m new to this app. I don’t have a companion, and i was wondering if it would be a companion group of sorts here, whoever is in this discussion.
Thank you


I dont think we can :confused:


What’s the main purpose of a companion? Just know the streak?


Motivation, i suppose. In case of an imminent relapse.


Add me, I never had a companion. Now I want.
Current streak : 4 days
Longest streak: 33 days
Sharing code: 837aed1


@caritogap agregame si quieres.
Soy de chile también.
Gender F
Age 29
Current streak 8
Highest streak 22
Sharing code 1f0f2a


Hola, Kate!
Soy brasileña. Cristiana. Tengo 24 años. Agrégame si quieres: cc8b22

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Agregada !
Eres emperadora!

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Hola! Crees que podamos hablar en alguna otra parte? I’m a Christian too🤗

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Hola! Agregada c:
Existe alguna manera de que podamos conversar?

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Te mande in mensaje creo😺


Hey there, I’m female (weird way to start a conversation). So I just want to welcome you and if your having any problems you can talk to me :grin: too. I’m only 17 but am a christian as well.
My sharing code is: 901fae
Good luck and God bless :heart:


A duras penas. Jajaja
Estos últimos días no están para nada fáciles. Casi pongo todo a perder. Pero fue por muy poquito y logré no abrir el link. Jajajajaja

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Estoy disponible para hablar cuando quieras. Ahora no tengo el app y estoy utilizando la web, pero recibo los emails de notificaciones. :blush: