Important question

I know you get benefits around 10 days and beyond, but the question is do you keep benefits like female attraction when your like at 3months into nofap and so on, like do the benefits wereoff?

I felt like writing because there aren’t many above 3 months.
My highest streak is 47 days.
Fact is some girls always notice you and some don’t. Unfortunately most of us don’t realise it normally. when you’re in no-fap you tend to realise this a lot often because of you’re focus and being horny… bla bla and if you never did before it’ll feel like a superpower in the beginning. After that you get used to it and priorities tend to get better.

On a seperate note, female attraction is an entirely different thing, and girls prefer their guys in different shapes, sizes, colour, race, features… just like we do like there’s always a boob guy, ass guy, curvy guy, blonde guy, Asian … So on and so forth…


i think you aren’t more attractive because of nofap but because of your better poster, feeling more secure, motivation and energy.
an addiction surpresses all these things and you will seem to be less atractive.
so, not being addicted, you should seem more attractive in general