Important question (Erecting without doing anything)

So, hi everyone, my name is Pablo and I have a question. I’ve been doing No Fap Hard Mode during two days and without touching my dick, during the night, I have erected so way too hard. What I do in this cases? I should put that I have failed? Please answer me. Thx!! How should I stop this? Is soo difficult, because you are dreaming.

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Hello Pablo,

I think the important thing is to not touch the genitals, and gently dismiss any pornographic thoughts. Eventually your urge will go away.

As for your question, having an erection does not count as a relapse in my opinion. Some experienced NoFappers reset their counters when they indulge in pornographic thoughts, but just like beginner meditators struggle to entirely control their thoughts, it is OK if you keep getting pornographic thoughts, just gently push them away and continue with your day.

Good luck on your NoFap journey!


Just like our friend @Rinzler pointed out, for a beginner NoFapper, an erection does not count as relapse.

I also gets in to similar situations. The flash backs of the dirty stuffs we have watched or indulged in past will come to our mind and causes an erection.

Best way to deal with is NOT TO TOUCH YOUR GENITAL WHILE ITS ERECT. Just leave it as it it and try to divert your thoughts to something else. If you are alone, just get outside and immediately get yourself surrounded by people. If you are in office or school, just go and start talking random stuffs with your collegues or friends.

All the best your NoFap journey.

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And to add to the two above, sometimes you get hard without having pornographic or erotic thoughts. It’s just blood flow varying sometimes, so counting it as a relapse would be just a way to needlessly beat yourself up about something you can’t control.
You can’t just stop peeing because you want to.
But you can mindfully decide when and where to do so :stuck_out_tongue:

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