Image of m*** in religion

I am just to curious to know what views masturbation has in context of all religions ?

Do they completely forbid it by declaring it as sin ?

My dear brothers and sisters of all religions here plz post your thoughts

P.S : I’m hindu ,and in our culture sex before marriage is considered to be sin and also even after marriage,sex is only meant for procreation,not to take pleasure out of it

I’m not trying to stir religious conflicts here,I’m just curious to know. That’s it. I hope all my brother and sisters will understand my point

Thank you :blush:


I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Christian religion.
Our belief is that masturbation is always morally wrong.
Just like you said, we believe no sex before marriage, but after marriage it is not just for procreation (but only allowed with spouse).


I’m a Christian (Protestant) so the view here is that God has created us to experience sexual fulfilment on a much higher level within the context of marriage. We don’t want anything to threaten the chance of knowing that joy to the fullest when we’re married.

As humans, we are wired for pleasure. You cannot deny it, no matter how much you say you are above it, it’s impossible to be so. It’s just what makes humans human. So Christianity is about saying no to lesser pleasures so that you can enjoy the greater ones. For example, the temporary pleasure of masturbation in exchange for real fulfilment in marriage.

Christians believe sex unites two people physically, emotionally and spiritually. Because binding two souls together is a pretty big deal, God created a secure context in which to experience sex. This is called marriage. We believe that God instructs us to only have sex with our spouse because He intended marriage to represent His love: faithful, committed, unconditional and permanent. Love isn’t just a feeling – it’s an action. It’s about two people mutually, unselfishly, giving themselves to each other. Of course, it has pleasure too, but thinking that sex is just a physical thing is not what Christians believe in.


Couldn’t have said it any better :+1:


You need to recheck… Having Casual Sex after marriage is not a sin. But it is highly recommended to have a Regulated Sex Life I.e be a Grihasth Brahmachari. Nowhere it is written that it is a sin. And it is advised because you agree or not, sexual thoughts are Lusty thoughts. If you are really in Love, there is no need of sex. Sex is the need of those organs. We nofappers know the value of Semen. So it’s highly advised not to waste it casually. Having regular sex will only create more gap between You and the Supreme Godhead Shree Krishna.

Hare Krishna.


All religions are ‘’‘the’’’ same bruh…
Until we lose our minds
Pon and masturb**n is a sin for every religious human of any religion…


Pretty good explanation :heart:

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Bro I don’t know that much but once I was watching a YouTube video where someone was explaining about this that lord Krishna said that sex is only meant for procreation,and if someone is doing it for mere pleasure,he or she has to pay the price in heaven.

Also in the context of grihast jivaan, one isn’t allowed to engage in sexual intercourse other than the sole purpose of procreation .

I may be wrong :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Also I’m quite disturbed by my habit of m*** ,it is making me weak mentally, despite knowing it negative consequences,I am still addicted to it…

It is true that habits are very hard to break :sob::sob:

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You talking about Grihasth Brahmacharya. Its not always necessary to do Grihasth Brahmacharya in Marriage.

In Bhagwat Geeta it is stated there are three primary doors to hell I.e. Kaam(Lust), Krodh(Anger), and Lobh(Greed). So is it like any guy who was angry went to hell? No brother… Its like ppl who end up in Hell are primarily Lusty/Greedy/Angry. Anger is not bad but it’s results are. Anger most of the time gifts us unstable mind. And most of the sin ppl do because of that Anger. (Killings). Kidnapping and Thefts are done by Greedy People (Greed), And Rapes and molestation are done by Lusty people. (LUST). So they all end up in Hell.I might made you confused. But i recommend you to attain knowledge through a Certified Vedic Guru and not through YouTube.

Conclusion is If you wanna Follow Brahmacharya but also getting Married is necessary to conserve lineage then you can opt for Grihasth Brahmacharya.
There is no compulsion but It’s Highly Recommend to do it. Because we believe that Love never needs Sex. Sex is needed only when Lust overpowers us. (Except for the purpose of Procreation). And Go to a Brahmin To Understand Dharm instead of these Newbies.

Do Hari Naam Jaap daily to swim through the ocean of Kaliyiga and attain Moksha.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hare Ram Hare Ram
Ram Ram Hare Hare.


Wow that’s greatly put

Thanks brother for sharing your knowledge… I had relapsed yesterday,and am feeling very awful today. I need to pray to God for giving me strength :muscle: and mental stability

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I am Muslim, and having sex before marriage is a Major sin, and masturbation is also a sin


In Islam, the biggest jihad is Jihad bil-Nafs (Jihad against your self). At first when I got to know this I didn’t understand what it meant. But now after I started NoFap I understand that it means to fight against yourself when an urge hits you, this clearly indicates that m** is forbidden


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