I'm using Rewire streak counter for a different purpose


From today I’m going to use the counter on Rewire app for a very different purpose. I will use it for habit building streaks, like, self discipline & progress. To break it down in simpler words, I will keep the streak counter on without resetting it if only I have achieved the list of goals on my to-do list, maintained punctuality & routine, spent time thinking constructive solution oriented thoughts with actions. I will reset it if only I fail to meet my goals and the rest.

Have a nice day.


Well I use rewire streak counter for rewarding my ‘hard work’ just simple as get myself a pizza for 30 days done or ticket for date. Still, I absolutely agree with yours. That’s an innovation. Hope to see you success


That’s a great idea @s8k8

I’ve currently decided to use my counter to quit smoking. Thanks for the inspiration.
I hope to make a counter similar to yours!

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Is it necessary? There are hundreds of counter-apps to quit smoking etc.
Why mix it up? You guys came here to quit pmo. Why punish your nofap streak with relapses in other disciplines? Bad habits might be connected like nodes in a spider web but still… sounds a bit over ambitious to me.
There are numerous apps that might be more suited to implement our growth and reach our goals apart from rewiring .

Then again, I don’t want to spoil anybody else’s fun. Truth is, I also had the idea once but decided against it. :grin: I love this app and the community btw. You are great and you will eventually all find happiness and piece. Stay vigilant


You said it :smile:
I love this app and community too.

I could go into details about my thought process, but the decision is more important.

I’m here to Rewire.

Currently on easy mode as I have a vape.
And I’ll work from there.

Hope I’m never seen as being outside this community, I just feel this place is all I need.

And I like the idea that this app/ community/ movement can take on the world haha!

Only that is ambitious, but hey, that involves all of us!


True. A lot of fates are decided here


What you don’t understand is I have no urge to view porn nor masturbate. It’s been more than 100 days that way. However, the pace of change building new habits and discipline has been too slow. The reason for nofap NoPMO is not just equal to nofap noPMO, if one doesn’t focus on building a better life, he doesn’t get anywhere with just nofap noPMO. I’m not doing nofap noPMO for attracting people toward me and anyway I don’t believe in that sexual attraction nonsense, I’m doing this nofap because I want to make use of the saved time for other things in life. Sure there are other apps for building habit but I won’t overcrowd my phone. The wisest way to take full opportunity of nofap noPMO is building life, I cannot just sit here with this app and do nothing even I’m not masturbating nor watching porn, I’m still relapsing by not achieving daily goals, that’s my new way of relapsing. Now regarding relapses, I’m callings it a relapse because I have not been able to stay disciplined and focused based on the list of things I want to achieve in a single day, that is a relapse for me, call it a new way of defining it, I don’t care. I’m trying to take the Rewire app to the next level for my own use and progress. Since I’m easily winning challenges for nofap, I’ve hit a point massive diminishing return, I don’t see any use of those challenges unless I see everyday disciplinary success in my career and fitness etc. If I don’t do well on a single day at work, it’s a relapse for me, if i don’t wake up at 6am and then miss the gym or be late at the gym, it’s a relapse for me. I’m not saying others need to do it my way, but I’m doing it this way for my own selfish gain.


I think Coach.me is better app for that.