I'm trying, but still relapsing

Sharing code - pjgsev *

This is my first day in the app so:

Current streak - 0 days *
Highest streak - 0 days *

Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - Ireland

I want a companion because maybe is the way to quit this fap adiction once for all. I have good tips for other things in life, but this one beats me all the time.


U can do it king :crown::muscle: I’ve been doing it for past 2.5 years . We are in this together :muscle:. Let’s go …

Let’s stay accountable to each other … :muscle: Day 1

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Can i be your companion

Yes sure! Just use the code to add me

keep going dude, we are rooting for you :smiley:

What are your other tips for the other things in life?

523b4n my sharing code, im 21 living in swindon, england

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