Im tired of this

When does this end. Im tired of this. My gut hurts. I wanna dig into my skin im tired of relapsing but i cant stop. Despite all the motivation and support i cant even go 2 days. This is killing me. This community and my girl are the only thibgs keeping me going bc you all are the only ones that actually give a fuck about this addiction i have. I appeeciate all of you, but fuck i dont know what to do. Im stuck in this deep ass hole and i dont even know if i can come out. I’ve dug my own grave. Im always so stressed. im so depressed. Im so empty. Meditation doesnt work i dont know what to turn to anymore. Religion hasnt helped cold showers hasnt helped exercise hasnt helped fasting hasnt helpd easy peasy audiobooks havent helped motivational posts havent helped. I dont know anymore


Mmmm stuck in an asshole, I know what that feels like. It’s not a great feeling. It just doesn’t feel right, but you don’t have to get scared either. But tbh, the cons outweigh the pros.

Anyways, bro, how I’m not much of a meditater but I do workout and I can tell you with all honesty that it will work. But you’ll have to dedicate a lot of time to it. Working out for 1 week alone, or a month, won’t help. You’d have to stick with it for at least 6 months. It’s not an instantaneous process. It takes Hardwork, Consistency and a fuck load of patience. Same goes for nofap. As long as you keep working hard consistently and patiently for a long time, it will work. Failure is normal. But you have to keep going. Even if you fail, it doesn’t matter. Just do whatever you were gonna do anyways. Ive seen many people here who would workout for a week or so and they’d relapse and stop exercising because they failed nofap. Don’t do that. If you fail, it’s all the more reason for you to work on yourself more


Have none of those things helped at all,
or were none of them a permanent fix?

I’m sorry to read about your struggle. I’m glad you’re finding support here, and also the you have someone in person to provide support.

I don’t have any cure-all advice for you. All I can say is that we are all cheering for you, and if you will always keep trying, you will not fail.

Is there any way you could go on a camping trip to be away from all technology and with someone 24/7?

Best of luck on your journey. I feel for you.


Thank you it means a lot to know that i have you all and at the moment no but im working on getting a permit and soon a license so when that happens I’ll definitly see if i can take some family on a camping trip


Appreciate the morivating advice. I need to buy a gym membership but for the time being do you have a good body weight workout routine i can start on?


Dude, I’m not here to suggest about being positive and all. Many other’s have told you that I’m sure. Bro, have you ever asked yourself why you wanted to start? Have you ever wondered why you’re even here posting?
If not, then just ask yourself bout this. I know this feeling bro, you feel empty all over and want to just be in the bed not waking up and be free from all the regrets you have…
That’s it bro. Literally, that’s it. When you want to move forward you gotta have a reason right?
Consider this shitty example:
We all watched porn because we wanted pleasure for that 0.0000000000001 second right?
Dude, c’mon just start moving and it’ll get easier. Now, how can I say this?
In physics there is a term called MOMENTUM right? It comes into the play only after you’re in the motion. SO JUST START and do as you please for 2 days!! [Eat your fav food, go out or / watch anime/ movies for 2 days ](except masturbation)
It’ll be fun how you enjoy you’re 2 days… Be casual about 2 and on day 3 rock it!!!


I can provide you with that but I will leave it to @GOVIND-19 . He is the one who got me started with working out seriously and I am extremely grateful for that.
And he caught the right point you mentioned you tried everything, but you didn’t mention working out. Exercising regularly is the best habit one can make. All power to you.
And I remember someone asked you earlier to change your username, just message or tag an admin they will help you change that name, also probably change the profile picture. I didn’t know what your username meant but I was shocked when I saw the meaning of that name. Why would you choose such a name when you are trying to quit p***. Please change that asap it will not do any good to you.

And I laughed damn hard after reading this :rofl:. But I get your point, I was stuck in the same hole for a very long time I still am to some extent but I am doing much better now. Thanks to this community

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Sure, but I need to know what your goals are when it comes to your physique before I suggest something. So do you want to build muscle or lose fat?

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I wanna build muscle. Im already skinny just need to get built

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Made it bc i thought it was funny when i first got here but i realized it was bad just havent known how to change it for a long time. Thanks tor that fr. And bet I’ll definitely integrate workouts into my daily routine

@anon9498230 can you just do one thing one thing friend, lie in the bed and sing your favourite song. Or why don’t you just start playing table tennis, it’s really good

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Awesome! First we need to know where you stand when it comes to strength.

Let’s start simple shall we?

Try doing the following videos and lemme know how you performed. You can note down how many reps you did for each exercise or you can just tell me which was easy, difficult or not able to do at all

You can do both in one day itself or in the alternating days

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Learn the pattern.

When does it happen? In what circumstances? Work on getting out of usual routine. Feeling an urge? Do you feel you gonna relapse? Splash some cold water on your face and go for a walk.

Get busy and try to limit the screen time before going to bed. Keep your phone away from sleeping place.

Maybe rubber band on your wrist will help?


No problem man :+1:


Love your DP dude!:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

I’ll do both when im home and tell u how i do

Did the body weight one

12 wide twelve 12 close pushup

10 reverse snow angles

10 plank ups

25 lying bicep leg curls

9 side to side pushups

0 skullcrushers

15 pulse rows

30 wrist curls

6 angled downward shoulder push ups

Went full 45 for superman hold


That’s not bad bro. Infact, that’s really good. You have considerable strength. Try out the lower body one today and lemme know how it goes. If both goes well, I’d suggest go with this for another week or 2 with increase in sets. That is, do one now, do 2 sets of each next and so on. No more than 4 sets though. By then your body will be conditioned enough to do isolation exercises


How can i do the leg workouts that involve jumping? Its storming outside and i dont wanna make a lot of noise inside

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Don’t jump too high and land softly bro. Land on your toes always keep you legs bendy and not stiff. You’ll be ok. Try it out