I'm tired of this journey

I’m tired of fapping and PMO. It’s not a love|hate relationship. I hate PMO even though I get pleasure from it. I want to be free from the urges because when I don’t have them I am happy and relieved. This struggle inside of me has gone on for so long, I just want to be free from this. I’m exhausted but I want nothing more than to beat this. I’ve made up my mind and reject PMO. Hard Mode, Easy Mode, Normal Mode, Monk Mode, it doesn’t matter. This relationship is over and I’m sick of fapping. This journey is the beginning of the end for me. :motorway::dash::slight_smile:




@anon66785751 dont you love 300 a little too much?

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No, its just only liking. No too much.

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Everyone have a sex drive but most important things matter is that when you are having urge some point of time then what was your response and what did you do ? . You have to face the consequences of response ,it maybe be good or bad so choose it wisely and it will shape your life .