I'm thinking about taking a risk

I want to leave my current retail job. I work in the pickup department. All I do is despense orders. When I go picking or do something else, the supervisors always call me back to despense. I wouldn’t mind it but the backroom is always chaotic and messy. I feel like some of my coworkers don’t show me love or respect. The head manager doesn’t know what she is doing. Overall, I feel unmotivated to get up in the morning and deal with this BS just to get a paycheck.

What makes me even more sad is that I come from a family of workers. They all hate their jobs, but they still go to work everyday. I don’t know how they do it.

The risk I want to take is quitting my current job and finding something different. I’ve been thinking about applying for warehouse jobs because they pay a lot in my area. I just feel uncertain about the decision I’m about to make. I never really took many risk in my life.


I wouldn’t quit until you have secured a new job personally because you might struggle to get a job and being out of work for awhile is not ideal. That’s the situation I find myself in for various reasons and it’s not ideal


@Rebooter81 is right.

Apply for the warehouse jobs and don’t quit your current retail job until you have confirmation that one of the warehouses will take you on.

Nothing to fear when it comes to applying. If you are rejected by all of them - unlikely, warehouses have even been hiring during the pandemic, turnovers are high and they almost always need new people - then you lose nothing. You still have your retail job, which isn’t the greatest, but you’ve been able to bear it this far. And if one of them takes you on, then you have the opportunity for higher pay, better prospects and you can leave the current job which has been a source of stress. It’s a no-lose situation.


I’ll second what these other two said. Don’t quit yet, but go for it and start applying to other jobs. I have also been looking for new work, and I’ve been using Indeed. It is pretty good. Ksl jobs is good too for the western USA area.
One thing those have taught me is that hundreds of people apply to good jobs. My point is, apply to a lot, because there can be a lot of competition, and you might not be considered simply because your application is buried under many others… I would even suggest applying to some that don’t look great… Better to have a few to choose from than to be picky at first and not have any. And you can always try negotiating with them to see if you can better the situation.
One last thing before I get off my soap box. I learned this from Dr. Jordan Peterson. Try for a few days to give work everything you’ve got. Go all out. Find something extra that needs doing, that you can do, and do it.
You will likely find something about your current job to care about and make it meaningful.
If not, no loss. You can now be confident that you gave it your best, and it still wasn’t worth it, and be more sure of yourself and confident in your decision as you look for new jobs.

I also happen to be looking for warehouse work. In my area people are hiring like CRAZY. It really just depends on whether they offer fair pay.

Oookay nevermind, one more thing…
I applaud you for considering new work. I don’t understand how people can keep going year after year to a job they hate. That’s some impressive perseverance, but in my opinion the better thing to do is to work diligently, AND find a job that doesn’t suck the life out of you.

Best of luck to you. My grandpa always says that good work comes to people who work hard :+1:


Thanks for the advice. I’m going to apply for new jobs. I will keep my current until I get hired somewhere else.


Day 3 feeling more positive.

You might be right about easypeasy method @Forerunner it’s worth trying again.
It would be hard to know if the method was flawed in itself though because any failure is blamed on the individual not following the method so the method remains untouchable and above reproach whereas it is possible that the method is flawed or unrealistic in some way.
Or maybe the book being a hackbook could have been better written for porn addiction by it’s original author who has died as I understand. However this did give me the idea of checking out Allen Carr’s other books to see if his method is being applied consistently in the hackbook

I think we both have a good idea of the concepts now and you’ve reached some impressive milestones so that bodes well for adhering to the book although I did notice a contradiction early on in the book: it was around the so called ’ last session ’ of pmo but I didn’t let that bother me too much.

Is quitting easy or hard? Either way we have to quit.
‘Reframing’ is the key word.
We reframe resisting urges as progress towards starving the tape worm of lust but does that make resisting the urges any easier? Maybe it does

Easypeasy method or Hard whatever-we-do method we have to quit.


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