I'm suffering from swelling of testies

  1. My one testies swells frequently
  2. size of my one testies changes rapidly
    Please help me
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I’d suggest going a doctor


Swelling from M?


Don’t know… But some times normal then abnormal :worried:

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My testies size gets double when i am on long streaks… thats normal…

Another thing… Pain in balls… it goes away after drinking a lot of water… and going to toilet frequently.

I had experienced this thing when i was a child… one day i noticed that my one ball was hanging low while other was not. I showed it to my father and family. They didnt showed much interest… or enough serious to take me to a doctor. They made fun of me.

In my opinion … sometimes its ok… Now… i am fine. I dont care if my one ball is heavy or other ball is small. I neglect my groin area completely. I only look at it while pissing and washing.


Doctor says in human anatomy one is smaller than other.
And she says it’s because of temperature changes in atmosphere and body…


My nut sack is bigger than average, and my doctor had actually asked me in the past “Has it always been that big?”

Lmao. They do look swollen but I can assure you its just my balls that are designed like that.

If its not hurting then its fine.

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Do you edge frequently? It can be filled up of Swollen .If there’s pain, you got blue balls. Otherwise, it’s normal.

Blue ball again…
Why this is happening?

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Hey don’t know much about you condition, but I saw one of you balls smell. I have read the condition is called swass( sweety balls). That is a very awkward situation I know. People might judge you for poor hygiene down there. Been there. Actually I found great tips on it. Just change your briefs or underwear your useing. So for example. Boxerbriefs just use cotton one’s instead of those silk or synthetic silk or plastic, because they don’t allow your skin to breath also if your balls are a bit sweety they tend to cling on it and make matters worse. For other underwear like y-briefs or briefs also check that they are not to tight if possible try on a 1 size bigger so you can have your boys just hang lose and have nice space to breath.

Last but not least I have discovered this recently if your still struggling with the stench just use ball powder. I don’t know if foot powder might work, but it is the same principle. Good luck hope it helps

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Best thing is to consult a doctor rather than getting advise from strangers


Blue balls mostly caused by edging. Even mentally by thinking.