I'm struggling with loneliness

Hello everyone
I’m at day 5, I had better streaks the last year but for months this is my best.
I’m really bored and lonely , I got plenty of work and projects to do by myself, but sometimes I don’t want to do anything alone. Friend I have few, but we are not close , they won’t call me or hang out with me , it’s all about we have known eachother at some phase and respect each other, but we are not close. So to think of someone that I can call and he would pick up or call me back is one friend. I see him once a week. The rest of the week is going lonely.

Today I spent the day alone I have no urges, but I’m lonely af, I go to random chat apps, and people there are horny and won’t chat with me unless I do something sexual with them. Today I didn’t relapse still holding, as I said no urges if I relapse it’s because I’m begging for some human connection, some chat of anything.

I’m 23yo guy, what can I do to beat this loneliness, I don’t like bars, clubs, and don’t have much money to waste, can’t do sports involve running or jumping, fcked up knee,.

How can I make friends, where can I find people, how to defeat loneliness


I face the same situation, but actually I don’t have friends, just a few online, so I just try to deal with it doing things like reading, playing some games and watching some series. Studying and putting my efforts in these activities are my major occupations. However I’m having success with my streak since a few months ago, that’s when I started doing exercises and stopped giving attention about the things that PMO was really making me bad. Reading easy peasy really helped me in the beginning of this path. I’m going to dm you, I hope we can help each other.

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Hello dude, I absolutely can relate with what you said. I have really bad difficulties in socializing. Perhaps, a lot because of the PMO addiction itself. I’m introvert and I think the addiction brought a lot of anxiety to interact and gradually I became more and more socially isolated. Today, I don’t have any friends where I live, and even if I lived near my friends I don’t think I could relate with them as close as I would like.

I guess the main reason I came back to this app was to get in touch with people with similar problems. That’s already something for someone struggling with loneliness.

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Hello. I feel the same. I only have 2 Friends. We do not encounter for months(3 months), because he works and He lives in another town. The another friend, We meet once a month.
I think that Friendship is an illusion. In the end of the Day, We only have 1 or 2 close friends. Joining a club, occupy yourself is an option to lead with loneliness.

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