I'm slowly starting to give up ... Need help

I will try to explain my situation as thoroughly as possible. It’s slowly starting to overwhelm me … I fell into the chaser effect, my last streak was in August last year. There isn’t a day when I don’t have to do Pmo, currently I can’t even make a 2-day streak. I suffer from frustration, anger and helplessness, I also feel a lot of stress every day, I also have chronic depression, I don’t even know what to do … I collapse. If I try to quit this addiction, I can’t, I always have a lot of fantasy in my head and I’m afraid of failure. I already doubted my success. (Sorry for such a chaotic post and my english)


Hey @Kuba521
I am with you brother kindly dm me i might can help you.
Trust me… You’ll get out of this addiction soon.


Block all your devices to not access porn.

Cellphone Android use: SpSoft Applock and SafeKids Kaspersky.

Router use OpenDNS or Clean Browsing.

PC use Blok Supreme Pro (they will have soon an translation to english. Email them).

And practice your religion seriously (if you are Christian I can help you).

I am doing all this and it is working. I’m 123 days free.


Id recommend reading these books, breaking the cycle, the easy peasy way and most importantly your brain on porn they really help, whatever your background or problems. The important one is your brain on porn. It explains a lot of the psycology behind all the weird thoughts and symptoms i found this made it so much easier to stop, as you understand what you’re trying to do and what your feelings actually are


go for a 2 day streak then. That would be a good start.
Don’t think about what you’ll do after that, just think that you will finish 2 days no matter what happens.
You are afraid because you have a long term goal in your head. So just stop thinking about it. Go for a short term goal. That will do for now.

Always remember, something is better than nothing.


Know this brother that noone can pull you out of the sea of illusions. You went in yourself and now you have to come out of this yourself. We all can at the least only support and motivate you, but you have to put in the work. This is the war against yourself and only you can fight this much less win it. Good luck!

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yes i am a christian thank you for this advice. Before, I tried to block p * on PC, but I always got around it somehow … Unfortunately, I also learned fap to fantasy

Thank you for your help! I used to read an easy book, but now read it with understanding …

Thanks for the advice! Yes, my target was a bit too big …

Shut it all down man. I detoxed pretty much from electronics or any triggering things for like a week. Even the forum. All of this with the exception of 1 tv show and music. You need to take time away from distracting things and let your brain take over for a while. I recommend you do this outside. I’m currently outside right now sitting on something like 10 feet off the ground and could easily fall off lol. I’ve been out of the house quite a lot and it is so beneficial man! Try and go out more. If you think about something write it down. Don’t think about NoFap too much though that can be bad for you. Think about positive things like how beautiful God’s creation is. I know if you’re depressed it’s hard! But God wouldn’t put you through this if you couldn’t win this!! And in case anyone was curious this is me rn:

The photo’s not that good but I’m like 10 feet up


My GREAT difficulty was fantasy (and masturbation).
Christ free me from this by pray and by Eucharist frequently.

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