I'm not taking advantage from NoFap


Hi, i am on 15 streek of nofap and i dont know in what habits should use my energy, now i dont do excercise, i feel lazy and i dont know where should I start. I want to be in self improvement and be happier, even in day 15 i dont feel so well.
(sorry for my english)


Hello tanque,
First of all I want to say welcome to our community and you will be very happy because it is very supportive and also helpful in each and every situations
So you are on the 15 day streak of nofap , that’s actually great start, you are feeling lazy because you yourself confess that you don’t exercise you answer your own question my Friend, if you want to be happier and want to improve yourself then you should not be worry at all in each and every situation the worriness make the situation worst, stress is not your friend, but confidence is,
I know you don’t understand much because you are in just 15 days but as your streak grows you will get more understanding , so just stick to this forum and learn and beat your worst enemy
Thanks and regards


Wonderful start brother…

You got this…

We are all with you…


Start exercise brother. There are many benefits of exercise
1)help you controlling your weight.
2)reduce the risk if cardiovascular disease like heart attack 'angina etc by increasing the level of good cholesterol HDL
3)it boosts the immune system of body and help against fighting cancers and infection
4)IT is good for muscles and bones every one know that.
5)it reduced stress depression and anxiety .exercise is natural dose for treating depression’According to psychologist
6)improve your mood and many more…

Also do meditation and mindfulness exercises.
Spend your time and energy in things for which your are likely to be responsible and
Be the best of whatever you are


Nice job reaching 15days streak.
This might help also.
Pray and read the bible ?Jehovah God has answered.

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The Sexual Energy will give you advantage even if you dont do excercise…
As you are on 15th day … i advise you to start by walking … Walk in morning… walk as much as your confidence and energy allows you…

15 Days is like nothing in terms of Sexual Energy… So its obious you dont feel well.

A man can notice benefits within 3 or 4 day streak… However they are so small like hardly last a minute or more… Hardly noticable but if you can see that 1 minute surge of energy and let it grow… soon you will notice it again … after 7 or 10 days… And you know what i am taking about… when you take an action without thinking too much… that 1 minute focus and concentration… that 1 minute happiness… that 1 minute confidence… i think you get my view… what i am talking about…

We are already in misery … so much pain… out of 24 hours of day… we are happy just 1 minute… and i say to you… you can focus yourself on darkness or … you can focus on that 1 minute of Light…that positive energy that gods grace… so i ask you…

Which side you wanna chase ?
The Happiness or The Misery …

Its obious… you want to be happy 24 hours a day … all month… all year… all your life… and i must tell you… In beginning i was talking about that 1 minute happiness in the intial streak when we are on 3 days… We let it grow… without complaining… and soon the 1 minute turns into 5 minutes… then… after 30 days streak… it may turns into 1 hour happiness… or less or more… but one thing is sure… it will keep on increasing with your streak… the recovery is not constant however…keep that in mind… One day you may feel that happiness and the very next day it get lost… So be patient and always positive…

Keep going.