I'm new to this journey help me get to my goals

~addicted for almost like six years now
~ nowdays I’m masturbating daily
~ I trick my brain to just open porn site and do not masturbate but I failed each and every time
~ I also started masturbating 3-4 times a day
~ each and everytime I feel bad but just can’t resist it

~ you guys are all worriers, champions help me overcome this, because while in urge I just can’t control myself, I trick my brain to just open porn site and do not masturbate but I failed each and every time. And in that time I just can’t go to any help pages or urge button on the app

Tell me your tools, checks, tricks.
Help me
Help me


Only 2 tools and you will climb above your problems.
Join in Now.

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It’s been 21 hrs and I’m doing great. Hope to get to one week and then to 21 days. Wish me luck guys


Keep yourself busy and you’ll be able to achieve your goals of nofap.
Best of Luck.

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I just succumbed, don’t know why but I was not feeling good swati, udit and all thinking about fucking life, gone for a bike ride but it hasn’t helped also, and done on a very very bad video don’t know why, I think I just wanted to flush that’s it. But I feel very bad now for doing this. Hope I can achieve my 21 day goal this time.l

Reading 50 shades of grey and had a night fall today.
Feeling exhausted but not so bad, feels like natural but still it is coming is my goal

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Thinking about it from morning and it got me, I don’t want to do this

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Why were you reading that?
There are plenty of good story books that don’t have triggers in it.

Fucked up mind don’t know what to do kali roses

What day are you on r8 now?

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0 days and 40 second as of now

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Wake up early, don’t know what to do

Meditate . It would be great

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Listen bro you are stuck in the binge phase. You must stop victimizing yourself and get out of this loop as soon as you can. Give yourself short goals like 1 day or 3 days. Anyone can go 1 day without pmo. Right now you are being crucified by the chaser effect. You have to get out of this state. I will message you again after 24 hours. You are not allowed to do pmo until then :triumph:


Set the goals, keep in them. Exercise, meditate, work. But first goal is to regain the brain after relapse. Withstand the first two days to remove the “fog brain” and start to thinking correctly.

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You cannot be complacent
You have to take massive steps to prevent PMO, like blocking your phone, reading good books and having good habits.
No offense, but right now, it’s like you’re addicted to candy but still want to hang out in the candy store…

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Addictive very very like an escape

Woke up early and resisted for about 2:30 hrs

Don’t resist urges. Just feel it. Because resisting makes it stronger . Rather do something that will keep you busy

Don’t know what’s going on what should I do