I'm new at this and need a companion

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Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 7 days
Age - 20
Gender - F
Location - US

Hello guys! I’m new at this and in need of someone so we can help each other. Support is very needed and it would help me a lot the same way I know I can brig you support. It’s my day 3 after 9 years of addiction to pōrn and māsturbation. Help?


I been tryin myself on and off. Longest streak was 10 days without porn. I’m actually coming up on day two now. But I downloaded this after I started. You are right … keep your mind occupied


We got you :muscle::100::100::sun_with_face::sun_with_face: your never alone


10 days or any day that you’ve overcome is great news! Rooting for ya! Same over here. On and off but this time I really want to go far and break free from this. And yes, keeping the mind occupied is key, in my opinion.

Anytime you need something, pls don’t doubt to write me. It would help me out too. Support is needed always. :v:t3:


Thank you so much for the support!! :heart: Same over here!!! :muscle:t3::muscle:t3:


I am new to and I need a companion too…!!! My code is roeztu

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I need a companion… ive tried and failed 8 times… my longest streak is 10 days post which unknowingly I fall weak… my first target is 90 days then 365


Awesome…what’s your sharing code?

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