I'm hopeless..plz help

I have a competitive exam in two months. So I’m afraid to make any changes to my brain’s life style because I always having an idea that it could make a bad impact on my result. I don’t watch p*rn but do watch some hot stuff and fap. So I’m asking is it okay to start my journey now, or should I live my old life until the exam passes?


Well, typically the avoidance of addiction is better. More so should you want to focus on your test results? The substantial query is what will you replace your addictions with? No time like now to start. Feel free to read my Journey for ideas on coping along with yours.

I love you, but I can’t learn it for you brother


Bro you can start with small now.

See, if you are not able to concentrate on your study and wasting time instead then you can do it. But do in a frequent intervals not the same which you were doing earlier.
I have been there. I was not able to concentrate on study and eventually I used to give up. So there was double loss. Wasting time earlier and not studying and at the end being at the same position as earlier.

So, afterwards you can go for it after two months when you have full concentration power for nofap only. And now you can fap in short duration and concentrate on your study.


Hey there,

I too know the struggle, theoretically @Lefty101 is right when saying that the best time to quit is now, also the energy you waste when Fapping could go towards studying instead and Fapping does cost you a lot of energy!

But maybe for you @Black-beard has more practical way since it does take some energy and effort to quit if you resist the thoughts of quitting and think that you are “missing out on PMO”…

My suggestion is get a buddy be honest with him and ask him to talk things through.

Than you can check how you think about Fapping and how you plan to deal with urges stress and distraction. If you happen to notice during the talk that quitting is to stressfully for you and that might have a negative impact on your studiet than you are just not there yet to quit and should keep on doing it.


if you happen to consider Fapping draining, tedious, and see it for the addiction that it is that impacts your focus and you feel free and glad about quitting and the other behaviours that you might use to cope instead than go ahead quit and enjoy your PMO free life.

I strongly recommend to talk with someone in person about it or I’d you are unable to try to make a plan on your own and post it here to discuss it with the community…
After creating the Plan you will get an understanding of your current relationship to PMO

my personal opinion

To me you sound like someone who is just beginning to understand what PMO does to you and what it might mean to quit… Maybe you have a tiny voice in you mind that was just waiting for someone like @Black-beard to tell you it is okay to continue Fapping for a while since you are afraid of the “withdrawal and urges”. It is totally fine every one has their own pace when quitting.
If you want my help sent me a dm.

Best of luck with your exams!


Thanks Brother for your great support. I’ll do my best to avoid.

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Hey thanks buddy for your kindness. I’ve made my mind to avoid and hope I can manage it this LAST time.

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Thank you so much for your time and valuable advise. Sure, I’ll find some buddies to talk with and share my thoughts on urges.

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