I'm going to win

Hey guys, I have a lot of sexual dreams and fantasies and as a result a lot of precum… But I won’t let them win… Somethings you cannot control… A little pre cum is nothing in comparison to the whole semen retention thing… I suppose after 3 weeks it will subside and I will come out victorious!


@niklaus do you know what is the source of these excessive sexual fantasies?
IT is porn. Most of porn are not real, so don’t set your expectations according to what you watch…


I have deprived my self of porn… Is no big deal.I just need to get through this… Fighting sexual thoughts is impossible. You have to let them pass… If I wait 2-3 weeks I’ll be in a better place than ever.I don’t touch myself at all. I just have big erection in my sleep… Any dopamine that it’s released its nowhere near masturbation or sex. So I’m being truthful to my goal right? I want to deprive myself of dopamine and orgasm as much as possible… Isn’t this a first step?