Im going so far!

Hello companions! Im TheWindWaker, i am a fapstronaut since 2017. On this year i have failed too many times, but today I reach the half month (my longest streak now). So I’ve noticed some important things that can help you on not relapsing

When you relapse from any streak, you lost some motivation, thats the reason why people relapse again after a relapse. But every one of us know this. The important thing is when you relapse, you enter on this cycle of relapse constantly, and its too hard to get out from it. After a relapse you’ll say “im very motivated to continue” and after 1, 2 or a few days more you’ll relapse again.

And how I exit from this cycle? Well, I think relapse isnt only restarting a streak, is like an injury. Ou lost confidence, motivatión and self esteem. So the more you relapse the more the injury opens and the more you relapse. So you need to heal this injury. There are two ways I use:

  • Do something that increases your confidence, motivation and/or self steem.
  • And the radical form that couldn’t work for anyone is making that injury heal itself with time. What i mean? Yea, nofap could heal that injury, but that injury makes you fell again. So I before this streak I took a break from nofap. I leave myself to relapse without the nofap commitment. I did this on my holidays, so no one could see how I was destroying myself (yes, the radical part comes now). So some weeks of porn passed, and Istarted feeling like a sheet.
    The method I thought that will heal my injury only had opened it more. My energy levels were so low, I was all the day on the sofa or bed, masturbating or aing videogames. So I decided to start nofap, and only on the first day, I started feeling very well.
    So what this method did was make me know how bad is porn, and indirectly helped me.

If you are feeling unmotivated, remember that short story. And also, if you think nofap isnt as good as people say, take that break, you’ll come to nofap in a few weeks.

So well, it wasnt an advice, it was my story before this streak. This is my code: 65feff, feel free to add me and share your code.