I'm Frustrated guys 😔

Guys , I’m frustrated , I feel that I will never be able to overcome this addiction , I’m sorry if I offend anyone , but this what I’m thinking of now , and I need help …

I don’t know what to do , I think that there is no way to stop it !

What should I do ?


My experience is that the path of selfimprovement is hard but ultimately satisfiying.
I dont know you personally but i can tell you that i had a streak of 4 years of nofap by getting busier and avoiding mt triggers.
In the end, streak counting didnt help me but focusing on my life goals did.
Getting 100% invested in improving myself and in some cases helping others. Lost weight and finished mandatory education, now stuck im unemployment and fighting hard on all fronts.
Anyway everyone has to walk its own path, hope my story helps.
Take care.


I am also a new into this, im 21 yo btw, my longest streak is 14 days tho, but before this understanding, i could fap 3-4 in a week! But not anymore, so i dont know if this would help you, my advice is you need to find something very strong to be your motivation, for example my motivation to stop is because i recently realized how very prohibited this addiction in islam, and the other is ive been having crush on someone, so i think i need to be a better person to be with her for serious relationship. so i dedicated to stop, well its not just working immediately, but at least it helps me reduce my addiction and increase my streak to finally stop from this thing. Hope it helps you my friend


I do know that I have to keep myself busy , but I don’t know how , because I need to be free to study …

Maybe I have to reduce my time , so that I use it in just studying . I need to think about that .

Also , I want to stop this because of similar causes bro , I also know about its prohibition , I also , want to marry , still didn’t find a good religious girl , but I pray to find one soon , pray for me brother .

Thank you guys for this it really helps :heart: , I’m still frustrated ngl , but at least I think these ideas are my way to stop , god willing .

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Keep it up and don’t beat yourself down, it takes time to improve and every step of the way you’ll get better and better. I don’t like to admit it but I used to relapse every 3-4 days and when I did almost always went into a pmo binge before resetting the counter. Took me a lot of failures to get to a point where I was able to hit some serious numbers so keep pushing I know you can do it :muscle:


we all feel the same dude and you’re not alone here. Only thing, I would like to tell you is that keep exploring and have trust on yourself. Let things go wrong but make sure you are true to yourself. Find some way to keep yourself busy. I am also doing the same and try your best. Someday everything will be fine. Take Care


Thank you for the support guys :heart:

I hope I can hit some serious streaks soon .

May the god be with all of us , ameen !

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Staying busy is the best strategy. It proved best for me too. When I had lots of plans going on, PMO was not even coming to my consciousness. Then, I just get a small idea while on my phone and on bed and that turned into an urge, and I relapsed.


Most difficult part in pmo is to start …the brain doesn’t want u to stay busy ,and this leads to relpase . But we have to stay strong and start our work and be busy :+1::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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It is not hard to nopmo, but it does appear that way when our logic is faulty.

The idea it being difficult is untrue if we think of all the times we’ll happily and easily go without pmo. When you go shopping, cook, see friends family, meet a girl.

We spend more time not pmoing or thinking about pmo than we do when we pmo.

But the more pmo we allow and tolerate, the more it will consume. It is a drug addiction.

I used to think, “but it relaxes me”…
But 10 years of “that” kind of relaxing has brought me stress, dopamine overdoses, late nights, worry, paranoia, isolation,
a.k.a - NOT relaxing in the slightest.

Pmo to relax is not true for me.

And just because chicks are hot, why should we feel the need to remind and torture ourselves over that fact?
Pmo always, always, pushes away women.
It’s not attractive/healthy nor cool. It only shows a person who is not in control.

I strongly suggest reading easypeasymethod.org.


I’m sure you will be very successful. Hard and smart work pays off and in a few years from now you won’t recognize your past.


Brother, for a moment just stop thinking. Don’t be so restless. Don’t move your hands so much, don’t put it on your head, your mouth and most importantly, your dick to get out of this situation. Just be quiet for some time. Live in this moment. Spend some time in solitude away from every electronic devices, social media, pornography, films, and every form of electronic media out there, and if possible, then even internet and your spoiled friends. Then, look at yourself. Look yourself in the mirror. Look in your eyes. You’ll see a person grieving over past, a guilt wrenched soul trapped in a cage fluffering to get out . The biggest thing to notice here is, whether you currently have any strength to get out out or not, but you have the will to get out. This will, is what makes all the difference in your life. Everyone starts from zero during different phases of their lives, you are no better or worse than anybody. You are only a human who wants to beat his negative traits and be a better version of himself. You have already started bro. Continue. Don’t stop no matter the difficulties. If you fall, rise again and then again keep moving. Continue to rise as many times you fall. And you will ultimately get there.
“Going in one more round, when we think we can’t, makes all the changes in the life.” - Rocky Balboa
Take care. Have a great day.


Bro , this is one of the most perfect words that I have heard ( or actually , read ) in the last few days , thank you so much bro .

I remember when I was in the lockdown , we had a problem in the internet for a month , I was obligated not to use the internet , and so I never had triggers , so I didn’t M at all at this time ( 27 days ) once triggers come , I easily fall , so I have to be away from triggers.

I have to put that in mind , I need to find a way to not use mobile or internet , this will be hard because of online learning …

But , Thank you soooooo much :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Fix the timings brother. Just use it when you have to attend online classes. Well, studies are more important than anything else bro. You can beat all of this.


listen song :slight_smile:
Well, I do feel the same whichever you wrote but I never put my mood and feelings in words instead, I asked in this forum “some song of their choice”. If I stress more,I am sure I will give my brain an excuse (usually by fappin ) Currently, I am listening to them and loving it. While listening I am asking myself, “why i am getting frustrated?” Primarily,my frustration because things are not working the way I planned. Everything seems a dream now. So need to figure it out what can be done to them now. Trying to order based on priority and looking for solution by my own. I might sound weird because I am talking to myself. :smiley: I was just trying to tell you that don’t get frustrated. Because all feels the same. So Flow that anger, energy to something else. Remember there is always a solution for our problem. If not then live with it and some day you’ll figure out. Trust me.
bydway, I remembers movie named ’ a beautiful mind ’ have you watched it anytime?

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I talk to myself most of time and write this down … -_- .

Thank you so much :heartpulse: !

You are right , I think I have to focus mpre on plans not only will power …

I don’t know if I watched it or not , but I’m mostly watching cartoons and anime :roll_eyes:

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hehe… that’s okay. If you get time please watch.
Stay strong things will pass. Take care of yourself :slight_smile:

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