I'm forgetting the benefits of NoFap

Hey fellow warriors,

I’m past my 70 day streak and very happy with it, of course. I never had uncontrollable urges in the process. I mean, of course it wasn’t easy! But I never felt it uncontrollable.

However, in the last days I felt often like watching P or simply M without P. I have the impression that it was something I liked, almost like a hobby one really enjoy and I’m somehow missing it.

Especially today I feel a lot like watching and/or M, but I know that’s against everything I went for all this time. But I kinda forgot the big benefits I can have without M. I guess being my birthday today also makes it an excuse to act it out.

Could you guys please refresh my mind to keep me on track?

Thank you all in advance!


At the end of the day any earthly thing will never fulfill your desires. Place your treasure in God and your heart will follow. You can’t get enough of what you think you want. Don’t go back. Please. It’s not fun being here. Enjoy life. It’s too short to even think about going back. Keep going. And don’t even think about going back


I agree with @ChristianMan. I honestly have not made it past 13 days, but when I’m on that streak I feel like a legitimate king. Your brain will do everything it can to trick you into relapsing. NoFap is new and uncomfortable so your brain tries to trick you into going back to what it knows rather than what it is afraid of. You can do this.


This time will pass. It will get easier

This temporary feeling of discomfort is far better than the regret and guilt of a relapse. This time will pass. It will get easier.

Your focus and memory will get sharper.

You will have a positive outlook on life.

You will have more energy for work, study and exercise.

Your face will look fresh and your mood will be light and happy.

You will be confident in yourself.

You will be proud of yourself and so your selfesteem will be sky rocketing.

You will get the confidence to speak to a group of people on a stage.

You will have the desire to achieve big in life.

People will be attracted to your energy.

You will feel LIKE AN ALPHA MALE :fire:


Thank you guys :slight_smile:

That helped already


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