I'm feeling shitty about my life. Please help me anyone

I’m a potential candidate for any job. I learn things so quickly and effectively. But then I started masturbating from past 12 years. I lost interest in studies, I lost interest in everything and I became an average candidate with average potential due to this habit. I procrastinate lot of things. I was not doing anything for 4 years after completion of my graduation without doing anything even after having potential to be a software developer who can earn pretty well. I’m not Bragging but I know I’m very competent in any field and now I’m reduced to a zero with no skills because of this habit. Everyone behind me is now ahead of me with good salary and better life. I don’t know what should I do. Please I need help.

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Hey there @Vk03.

It’s not pmo, this is sadly all you.

I was also stuck like not being good enough etc. But I opened my eyes and realised that this my own fault.

Why? The choices we make are so important, we become lazy and want everything to happen for us as we don’t really wanna work for it.

In case yes guys are gonna say it is because porn makes it easier to “have sex” as you get the pleasure out of it since you are just fapping along and don’t have to get that girl that you see on screen.

But important who put that scene on your screen?

Was it your phone who spontaneously just opened to that site? Was it your phone’s choice to do it?

Nope, thats all you!

You say open to any job and learn quick etc.

But later you say the exact opposite, don’t wanna learn etc. And just be a “normal candidate” .

Whose fault is it? YOUR OWN.

I know I am very blunt here, but it is time you are starting to realise what your choices are doing to you.

Do you have a plan? Do you have a dream? ( I guess not as you are unhappy with your situation and to scared to fight again)

YOU no matter how smart or special you view yourself have to be smart and start planning and start building yourself up and view the potential and start evaluating what you can achieve and plan towards it. Otherwise this might still stay in your future in being :

  • That guy who still falls behind

  • That guy not getting a promotion

  • That guy that still faps and wishes he has a girlfriend.

Etc. At the end of it all stuck as this loser of a guy.

What you should start to do is to believe in yourself envision a plan for yourself and stop comparing you with other’s as you’ll stay stuck and wonder if you’ll reach that job or skill level or pay.

Rather work your ass off to reach those skills, to reach that goals see yourself as that winner you wanna be as he is the only true competition is to be the better you today then you were yesterday!

Plan and shift your thoughts in a different direction and yes you can do this plan around your obsticals and WORK for that job. Don’t wait otherwise it will never happen!

Good luck and stay strong and awesome


Thank you so much for taking the time to help me.
I do plan things and have dreams. I plan each and everything meticulously, but I never act. I do not know why I take days to plan things perfectly. (I want to crack an exam so I planned each and everything.) But I never act, I pass the day like that without any productivity. During the night I feel shitty about myself wasting time the entire day, I do watch porn to forget about everything else and fap, which again makes me feel like shit and I wake up late, feeling demotivated to work, and again wasting the day, again going on fap to make myself feel better but again I feel shitty, it happens every day. Since I’m not following my plan I change my plans and adjust them hoping I would do from tomorrow. It again continues and cycle repeats. I do not know what to do I feel like I’m stuck in a web.