I'm feeling disgusted

I am disgusted, so I was watching a TV show that were talking about some mining industries in Australia, and I was disgusted, there were women who told stories about working for the mining industry, unfortunately, because most woman don’t work in mining, they became victims to sexual harassment, the men in the mining industry were absolute predators, they were treating the woman like objects, their were even women in the mining industry themselves who were a victim of rape. Whenever the men saw a young lady, they would often look at their flesh and objectify, I was absolutely disgusted, because these women would go to work only to be treated like objects, and whenever they were asking for promotions or to use the equipment at work, their supervisor would only let her if she did a transaction, and when she wouldn’t, the supervisor became horrible, he was calling her names, blackmailing her and and he would even embarrass her in group meetings, the supervisor eventually fired her but he blacklisted her from getting other jobs. It was disgusting, there were no explicit scenes, but it was enough to actually really disgust me, especially the rape and harassment, the Australian mining industry, is actually alot worse than the actual industry itself.


And why it is happening? We might know the answer


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