Im Failing and Im Losing

Had i known this little secret of mine which i loved very much would later make me a prisoner to my self, i would have never opened that site. :pensive:

I cant do anything now, i cant think independently, i cant study well, i cant relate with people; dead man walking. I am my own enemy beacuse i dont have the power to resist and say no.

Once again im on the floor in my own filth regretting. I Relapsed more than thrice in one day. My mental strength is critical and my will power is almost out.

My only wish is to know what a life without fear and addiction feels like. Id give anything to get that back


Bro see these 2 videos , they really helped me to start after a Relapse …Do meditation and exercise everyday to transmute your sexual energy
…thnxs to @Tagore for recommending these to me…


Thanku brother
I have to embrace this suffering of rebirth. Ill give it another go


You can always start again man. Don’t worry, fails are common before success. I’ve had hard times and I felt as you mentioned, completely hopeless but I don’t know man, a time comes when you change your mind after many fails. A time when you just want leave that life, when you see things different and that’s when you change and see life more valuable without this fu***** addiction. I’m sure you will do it dude, just don’t stop trying.

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