Im disperate, i want to kill myself

I relapsed again, i cant take this anymore…


Read this book Read it till the end and follow its instructions. Then you’ll live a happy life. No gimmick. This helped me overcome ■■■■ while still recovering.


I dont know how long you have been struggling, but you must know suicide is NEVER the option.

Let me tell you I have been MO addicted since February 2020 and PMO addicted since April 2020. I struggle every 2 days. Yet I keep going. I know its bad, but I hate relapses too.

Let’s talk.


But it’s not the end of the world. You are still alive you can make the change. What have you got to lose now?

Don’t die with regrets. Everyone have to die, make sure you achieve whatever you wanted in life, then you can rest in peace.

I wanted to suicide too, but after waiting and trying to improve my life, i saw there was still something to live for. My parents and my dreams.

My dream home i will build before i die and i will do anything for it


I know you are feeling low , but giving up is never the option. Be grateful for what you have. You have immense untaped potential in you. This community can definitely help you in finding that.

Talk to your friends here. Find your pain points and work on it. One day at a time this phase will pass.
I believe in you @r0th


First, forgive yourself for having relapsed, this is liberating. God will not punish you for falling back. Take that guilt off your shoulders by forgiving yourself.

Secondly, be patient with yourself and don’t promise yourself anything that will stop you, just move forward on your journey correcting what made you relapse.

Everyone is on their own journey and mistakes are allowed, so don’t blame yourself and be patient with yourself.


You’re not alone.

I’ve been addicted for 14 years. This issue made me numb for several years and I stopped having any emotions. I had social anxiety and failed in being admitted to my dream program in college. Because of this I was purposeless. I didn’t have any goals. I was severely depressed. I started having suicidal thoughts every single day. I thought this would never end. That I’ll stay this way for the rest of my life.

Let me tell you that this is not true. What you are going through is a temporary period. I was in the same boat for several years.

Even if you couldn’t achieve your dream job in life or even if you’re purposeless, you will find new paths in life that will make you feel fulfilled. This will not happen in a matter of 1 or 2 years. In my case, it took quite a while. But believe me when I say that it gets better. I have no more suicidal thoughts and I thank God that I didn’t kill myself. I also feel like my numbness is slowly fading away. After all these years, I’m finally seeing the light…

Even if there’s a lot of uncertainty in your life, I assure you that in the end, there is light in the darkness. Keep working my friend and be comfortable in knowing that your life will definitely get better.

Give your all in this fight against the devil. This isn’t a fight that will end in 30 or 60 days. It takes patience, dedication and discipline. Your own efforts and the help of God will help you get rid of this demon. Do not give up. Ever.

If you need someone to talk to, or if you need any advice, please feel free to send me a message.

God be with you


Been there, done that and
I tell you it won’t worth it
Hang on, the situation will change if you let it to


In the lowest point of your life think about resurrecting yourself and come back stronger than ever

Use this dark time for your improvement


Thank you guys for your support , i tought i was alone but i was wrong, im glad that there are still people that care for others, the fact that all of you consumed your personal time to write these positive messages trying to make me feel better makes me so happy , i will start going to church from now on and i will conquer myself, i wish you all the best in life!(sorry for my writing, english is not my first language)


Often we have to hit rock bottom to realise that we really do have a serious problem and so need to take it seriously. I’ve just started a programme with Mark Queppet/universal man. There are other programmes out there too so find a programme that works for you. Dr Trish has her own programme for ■■■■ addicts but it does cost considerably more than Marks. Look these names up on Youtube: Dr Trish Leigh, Mark Queppet, Goldjacket Luke, Noah Church, Gary Wilson, Seth Alexander. Also I would recommend reading easypeasy guide to quit ■■■■ which you can find online. If you can type in erotic words on adult sites then you can type in those names on youtube or a browser. It might be worth considering an internet blocker and accountability app as well.
I don’t believe this addiction can be quickly and easily overcome for most people but nonetheless the easypeasy guide should prove useful and might help limit your addiction and think twice next time you want to look for p0rn online and trust me you will be tempted again and soon. I know exactly how this addiction plays with the mind and the easypeasy guide describes it well.
We deny we have a problem, we minimise it, we tell ourselves we can easily quit or that we will quit tomorrow. We tell ourselves there is nothing to be ashamed of all the while we do feel ashamed deep down. We minimise the effect it has apon us even though it’s leading us to despair and driving us into watching illegal content, we assume there are no consequences even though our motivation and zest for life has been completely destroyed. We start to see women as sex objects, every comment becomes an innuendo, our minds fixate on sex and nudity, we creep women out and don’t even realise that we have been behaving inappropriately…
We come across desperate because p0rn makes us desperate, it makes us weak and unmanly is that what you want to be weak, enslaved and unmanly? Do you want to feel depressed, despairing and unmotivated? If so then carry on watching ■■■■

It’s great that you’ve been honest on this forum and shared your struggle, all of us can relate to it

Let us know how your week goes


You are completely correct , pornography completely messes up with the way we see the world and women,I discovered ■■■■ at age 11 if i remember correctly,i was not a cool kid and i was shy so i did not
have a lot of friends not to mention girlfriends, i was a naive kid and i thought there was nothing wrong with ■■■■,i was never so wrong in my life,since then it spread in my brain like a cancer and the fetishes, anxiety, depression , regret , temper etc got worse and worser…, ■■■■ turns us into brainless degenerates, a while ago i thought that all i want is money… Now all i want is to sleep peacefully and have a healthy mind, it’s not my fault i discovered ■■■■ at a very young age and i got addicted but it’s my duty change and become a better person. Thank you very much for your time and advices , i will definetly read that book and get a programme if i can afford one , this needs to stop.
I will write here about how my week goes! God bless us all!

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You guys are the best thing that happened to me in a while!

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