I'm Dead inside

I have suicidal thoughts. I have done embarassing and disgusting things to my sister. Today she told me if u had any shame . I don’t know why I was doing that. But now if she tell my brother or sister or any family member about this disgusting behaviour from me , i won’t be able to face them . So only option remain is either i leave my home forever and go somewhere very very far and never come back , or Suicide. My life is in hands of my sister now , she can forgive me , she can punish me . I’m ready. Everything will be clear by tonight when i go home back from my coaching. This is the most disgusting day of my life and this was a build up , i knew it was going to happen some day but I kept doing it finally I have messed up my life . A little hope is left now. I will accept my fate , if she tells everyone then it’s over i can’t live with a burden and shame . And i think she already told my elder sister , now if she tell to my brother and father and mother . Then it’s over. See ya guys . Take care all of you and give respect to your family and sisters. I’m 20 year old boy with a really messed up life . No one can help me now. Whatever I have in my share i will accept it gladly. I will leave my home :house: . I will update you tomorrow what happens

( I was flashing to my sister intentionally and she was bearing it for many days , finally she can’t bear it anymore , and i know i was doing this disgusting thing , I hate myself . I am really a worthless piece of shit. I have done a crime now i can’t face my family .

a confession


I pray to god that everything will be okay.
Don’t worry man,be strong.
Even these days are gonna pass…so i suggest u to tell her and promise her for one last chance.
Calm down dude…!
Just repent to her and promise her …
Make a decision infront of her that’s drastic .
She will forgive u .just repent one last time.


I also have such similar days like when my parents watched my history and saw porn there .
And once my mom caught me red handed masterbating while seeing bikini gals on magazine.
Now it’s completely okay…even i thought to leave home or commit suicide …now u see…I’m fine right now.


Did you showed your dick to your sister?

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You must take professional psychological help before you harm yourself or your sister, what you are doing is not normal.


Bro, I forgive you. Please stand up and live.
You need to forgive yourself and move forward.

Please forgive me for my recent distorted sexual thoughts. When I was a teenager I did things too. We are young and naive, and easily influenced by those around us, friends, parents, TV, media, porn and our peers (what others do and think is acceptable, or can get away with)

We need to stand before God, Truly!!! and acknowledge we need His Grace for each day and each moment.

Please remember there are people in worse situations, not me I add :pray: but people who are going through real hardship, war and suffering.
And people who are committing real crimes against humanity.

Please take responsibility for your actions, and grow with moral courage, and confidence in God, I will do the same.

People are dying while we are jerking off.


Everything has a solution you can explain this addiction to your sister and say him sorry, and try hard to quit this addiction… this feeling are of some day as you take your streak to long days this feeling will go away


Thanks all of you, i told my sister i will never do something like that ever again , and she didn’t tell my family members only she told to elder sister but she forgive me. And i promised myself i will be the best brother now . I’m so grateful to God , he saved me :pray::pray::pray::om: . Life is clear and good now . I can focus on my goals … and i have already give up this addiction from last 16 days . I will never do anything stupid now. I have learnt my lesson the hard way .

If this incident didn’t take place i would never have quit this disgust. But God teach me the lesson cuz this was the only way .

Thanks everyone :bouquet: and best wishes for your life too . :blush::pray:


Life is very unpredictable.
All the best and if you wanna participate in No Masterbation March then you can search in forum,it will give you a kick.


Mate ya know 16 day is not enough you’re still under attack of that damn disgusting addiction
You have to run till you cross the range until surpass the range you’re under threats


Better off Alone
Than with wolf in sheep’s clothing

Dont harm yourself…Porn is our worst enemy…face the outcome like a warrior but before promising other make a strong promise to yourself that you will never ever watch porn in your life

but not just words…start reading daily about pornography harms on our brain…this practice will help you stay on the course

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To me my worst enemy is me


21 days nofap . And I’m not gonna fall now. I promised myself and God is with me. :pray:


Life is finally on track after long time. Let’s make it even better day by day :pray:


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