I'm crying... Please help me to get out of here

I really need help, I just put 4 days into the trash can, as many of you i have a problem, but the problem has another problem, i already try anything, i have a parental control on my pc and my celphone, it Is impossible to watch porn un my pc, but, un my Phone i can, there are some pages that the parental control doesn’t block, and temptation always attack, when a link appears on Facebook Is the same, i can click on it and put me on a porn page, i stop following those pages of memes that shows that stuff but always appears, and i cant go away…
Please I need am advice!!
What i can do? Im actually with tears on my eyes…


Torn off your cellphone.

And wait until the urges pass.


I consider Facebook to be soft porn. It is the shitiest invention ever. It is purely made to grab people’s attention. There is a reason why even Mark Zuckerberg don’t use Facebook :joy: and why Tim cook don’t let his niece have an iPhone. Leave Facebook man that is the best advice I can give you. Read some book there is always a book which can help no matter what problem you are in.
Hope you’ll be alright.


I’ll try, hope it works…

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Don’t cry dude. You can make it to 4 days, not everybody can say that. Look at the glass as being half full


Sorry to hear where you are at the moment, I have experienced the same thing.

I’ve used all sorts of porn blockers and filters.
They are helpful, but the problem with them is it keeps us checking to see how fool proof they are.
I spent ages testing them, and ended looking at more images because of it.

The key, I think, is to stop focusing on no-pmo,
As the more we think “I’ve got to stop” it keeps pmo in the mind.


You have to suffer. Make pain your best friend. This is very hard… but not impossible.
Keep on trying again & again. I know it hurts to relapse. These tears are a good sign. Keep it simple. Dont watch means dont watch

Do not fantasize. Force yourself into good habits. Have some discipline in your life. Keep on going…
Keep on trying…
Again & Again… 1000 fails… no matter… try again…
Set your all efforts to fight your urges… Built your wall an unbreakable wall. Put your first brick in it. How ?

When you will beat your urges to watch a hot video. Thats your first brick … keep on putting one brick over another… until a wall is formed. But its not over yet… wait
they will attack us from the skies. Yes… sky is your imagination & thoughts… then you will start making porn with your mind… cut the dirty thoughts from the beginning. Draw your SWORD OUT SOLDIER
Its just begin…
Start swinging your sword of discipline on your dirty thoughts. Feed yourself with good thoughts. Sit with your family. Make a good company of friends who dont watch porn. …
you have to suffer
MAKE SUFFERINGS YOUR FRIEND then … wash your tears…
Yes… thats right… we all are together in this…
Yes… we both along with others… we must win our battles…
We are masters.
Nothing can stop us…
We will try again… past is gone… make it count today.

Little by little … we will built ourself… everyday is a oppurtunity…
Make today count as DAY 1… SOON it will become 1000.
Believe in yourself. Have faith…
Keep on hustling…
There is no turning back… glory is waiting for you…



Thank you guys for all this words, i feel good knowing that all of you gave antes advice…
Really thank to all


Friend, I had all parental control on. I realised I was spending time testing it, does it filter this or that etc.
It was too bad. And often when I genuinely needed to watch a video on YouTube, I couldn’t. So I would try for any other way and often this way was later used by bad urges.
So, I decided to remove all of them. I think it’s about habit, and favorable time. Last time I fapped three for times, even my head was having a problem. So, when I reached out, my dick was having little capacity and good chance to make good habit as I could not fap for a day atleast.
So, I slowly removed all blockages, put my mind at peace and believe that I am under control. It was peace. I tried to throw phone away if bad thoughts came, so under control and a sense of responsibility helped.

Also, when you fap next time, think about what attracts you. Just think while fapping. You will feel how little these things are. And feel how much bad luck has made you caught into such little fetish. This will train your head. That is most needed. Parental control works only to remind you that you are going down the wrong lane, if you are looking for ways to bypass it, it has failed its purpose. No one can limit ingenuity of a human seeking something very hard.


Most important is feeling of safe zone. When you go to a library or public place your brain automatically adapts somewhat
While I remember, in my college times, just entering into my room used to give me bad thoughts and memories of last time I fapped. This led to perpetual habit.
Change your routine, laptop background, room arrangement etc. To tell your brain you are a new man, this will work for two three days, then you will try to get back to old habits. But even if you masturbate, don’t do it at that place, change the image of your room, make it safe zone.


If you have an android, check out these 3 apps:


Off the grid

Cold turkey

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Attention Please :underage:

A proven way to avoid relapse.

It’s my own experience, until you don’t kick up your dopamine-b-hydroxylase, in other words, a neurotransmitter associated with movement, attention, learning, and the brain’s pleasure and reward system, there is almost 0% chances of relapse.

For example, you have a history of watching gay-pornography, and you have blocked all porn sites in your mobile and laptop already. But, you are using social media and YouTube yet. Unconsciously, while browsing and scrolling you see some semi-nude pictures or videos of cute shirtless boys or girls in bikinis. Here you kick up the dopamine, you feel that awkward energy coming from your testicles upwardly, your heart goes on. But, after a moment you realize that you are on NoFap journey, and instantly hide or report that picture or video.

But wait, after kicking up the dopamine your brain is not yet calm. It might ask you or start telling you that “please watch it one time more”, until you go for proper pornography and do PMO, I.e. relapse.

Furthermore, everyone has a crush in his vicinity, his or her glance can also kick up your dopamine, and could lead you to PMO. They might be one of the major factors responsible for your PMO addiction. So, kindly avoid seeing them untill they seem normal to you. Smile!

If you have a readymade strategy for such a situation, you can survive it. Otherwise, you will fell into the trap of edging, porn, masturbation and Orgasm. At the end of the day you will be a loser.

My strategy for such a situation Is: I have blocked Twitter and Instagram and set YouTube on restricted mode, which are the fundamental causes of PMO. Besides, unliked all the pages and left the groups on Facebook which share sexual contents. Whenever, I feel like I’m going to fell into the trap of PMO, I just switch off my phon and laptop, and go outside, or call to a friend for meeting in a near by coffee shop. That’s it!

I believe you will never relapse, if you follow the aforementioned strategy. I have mulled over it, that is to say, it’s the gist my ten years PMO addiction.

Never ever watch even a slight degree of pornographic contents, or stuffs that give you “kick”. Watch a Bollywood movie “Kick”, you will understand what kick actually means.

Stay strong!

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