I'm back My two day

People this application really works, I could not hold out for 3 days before, but now I hold on, albeit with a new pair of 8 days. feeling a little better and the veins in my arms have become smaller, I don’t know what it’s connected with, but it seems to me because of abstinence, thanks to the brotherhood


Keep going bro dont lack motivation…

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Bro you don’t need to create a new topic everyday.

You can create your diary and update entries of each day there only. If you create new topic everyday day they’ll only be merged into pre-existing one’s by the mods. :slightly_smiling_face:


Way to go brother… You are strong

I broke loose

Don’t worry bro. Now don’t go into binge relapse mode. Control yourself and start again. Note that why you relapsed? Avoid that next time…


After the breakdown I felt very bad but after a couple of hours I started to feel better now my health can be described as tired and sad


Mi twise first day for this forum

Hello to all those who support me, I went into a little constipation, but it seems that now I am back and changed my avatar because I liked the main character from Django Unchained

And forgive all those who smoke and want to quit I just like the avatar but I am against smoking

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My 3 day.I feel a little better and I became calm

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