I'm a movie freak. Let's talk something interesting

Ok I love movies and anything related to movies. Let’s share some of our insisits in it.
The last movie I saw - Akira 1988
Last web series - Avatar the Last Airbender

Let’s continue the thread

I’m a huge ATLA fan. At the moment I’m watching Star Wars on Disney+. I am watching the series in order, just finished the Last Jedi and I’m beginning thr Force Awakens.


That’s some cool stuff. Check out the close encounters of the third kind. U seem to be fascinated about space. Atla is all-time fav

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Not fascinated with space, I just love Star Wars :joy: I’m more into fantasy and reading books. Finished re-reading LoTR and the Hobbit, now I’m reading the Six of Crows duology (Grishaverse)


Oh man, that’s wonderful you read books. People now a days talking about metaverse. Books r a different experience.

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Yeap! It’s not that people used to read tons of books before though. People always read less, but books are a gateway to a whole new world. Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia?

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I watched the movie though, didn’t get the opportunity to read it.

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Ah okay. There are 7 books in the series, I don’t think all of them have been made movies yet. Also the movies are not that great compared to the books.

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Books are always great, sometimes it has exceptions too but we have over own imagination covered up and if the movie adaptations doesn’t justifies it we don’t like it.

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