I'm A Biggest Loser 😢

23yo (24 in 18th dec)


I’m asian sorry for bad english my score is B1

Thanks for the GOD to show me this app.

It all started when i was 10yo my brother is 20yo bought a new pc with 640gb hdd full of PO** all of it. I see him wanking in front pc but i keep it quiet, that’s when i getting addicted to PO**. i watch the video when no one is at home.

I’m handsome as fu** when i was a little boy, but everything changes when i addicted to wank, i got fat, i got bullied. Everything is hard for me.

When i was high school i wank in school restroom, my hor** is really high I’m at the peak of teenage power, whenever i see a girl in school i wanna smell her body and wank in restroom. (it is okay to laugh cuz i laugh pretty hard while writing this).

When I’m in college i like to video call girl while wanking, i can’t focus in class and my feeling like I’m the most ugly and stupid student why would i bother go to college.

Now I’m still in college, my friend is graduated. I just can’t stop video call random girl to wank with me and can’t stop watching cam girls and po**.

I want to be a better person, 14 years of guilty pleasure it needs to stop. To be honest my pp is smaller now than when i was teenager i don’t know why, maybe because too much wank.

Glad i found this community i feel like I’m not alone.

That is my confession.


What can be better than this that you realized that this is doing harm to you by yourself.
Now all you have to do is get in the process of becoming the best !
What else can you possibly think of.
Become the best version of yourself.
Become someone no one thought you could be.
Join challenges and devote yourself to self growth mindset.
Nothing has ruined brother. This world is dark, If you put your torch (focus) down then you will find dirt (negativity) but if you will lift your torch up in this dark world (You will see positivity).
Best of Luck Brother !


Thank you brother for the support, much love.


All the best bro!! At least you are trying to get out of this, and that’s great!!! Just don’t quit… Everything will be fine (◠‿◕)


Thank you brother, i know i can overcame this guilty pleasure and became a lion for myself :triumph:

Day 2

Its 6pm now, i can’t stop boner from morning 6am is there a way to help my pp.

I don’t want to relapse, i don’t horn*, i know i can do this.

My first goal is 7 days streak.

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Bro! Pro tip! Every time you get horny or get a boner, work out! Work out like crazy! You said you’re fat so it should help with that as well. Keep it like a challenge.
Everytime you get a boner, drop down and do pushups till you can’t any more. You’re boner will go away naturally.

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Everytime i workout my body feeling hurt i don’t like it, but thanks for the tips i will definitely do it!

Whenever u do anything and u feel pain , stress , difficulty in doing that thing , this means ur on right track buddy

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This is what life means, we never experienced it because of PMO. Stress relieving hormones are released by brain after PMO.

I feel ashamed of myself when i try one workout video on youtube performed by fit girl, i can barely follow in first 5 minutes. That’s when i realize how lazy and unfit i am.

Alright bro ima help you out with this. The most important part about working out is starting small and being consistent with it.

I’ll recommend a YouTube channel called “Anabolic Aliens”. Or just search anabolic aliens cardio hiit! You’ll get a 30 video playlist. It’s for a whole month. You do one video a day. Don’t worry it’s follow along, so just follow along with dude in the video. It’s gonna be tough to be absolutely honest. But you don’t have to be perfect. You do what you can do. Do your best. The first week only has 4 minute videos. I’m sure you can do 4 minutes of exercise a day. But it keeps increasing. JUST DON’T GIVE UP. COMPLETE THE 30 DAYS. THEN IT WILL BECOME A HABIT. LEMME KNOW HOW IT TURNS OUT

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Day 4

I can’t believe i did it, I’m crying 4 days is such a massive improvement for me

i feel a really huge urge this day but i can overcome it thanks to all mighty GOD

plus im 24 today hoorah a little cake my mom made im gonna taste it tomorrow!


I’m very Skinny Does Workout help me during urges?

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Oh yeah definitely. See working out is not just to lose fat, it’s to build muscle as well. You can work out hard and eat a lot more than what you burn, then you’ll definitely build muscle.

But the main reason I recommend working out when you get urges is because of the blood flow. See when you get urges, typically you will get a boner, and that will tempt you to jack off, coz its hard your hand goes down without you even thinking about it… I know that you know what I’m talking about. Back to the topic, the reason you get a boner is because of increased blood flow in your dick, making the blood vessels and related muscles hard. All the blood is targeted at the dick. When you work out high intensity when you get a boner, all the blood is then redirected to the affected area.

For example, say you get a boner, and you get urges to jack off, you immediately drop down and do pushups till you can’t do any more. That puts a lot of tension in your chest, triceps and shoulder muscles. So your brain directs all the blood to those areas, thus leaving your dick with less blood and therefore no more boner. Since the mind is occupied trying to recover from the exercise, your urges fade away too.

But you can also workout to keep your urges In Check. What I mean is that if you work out on a daily basis with progressive overload, then all of the sexual energy and excess testosterone is used up for recovering and building muscle. So you won’t get urges as much.


I’m sorry guys i relapsing, I’m so stupid, but the question why my longest streak got reset too?

I got 50 dollars birthday money from my uncle, what book should i buy? Give me preference guys.

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Buy anything you will like brother… Happy birthday :partying_face: (little late :joy:)

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Thank you brother.

And guys I’m so sorry relapsing is sucks.

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Merry Christmas everyone :christmas_tree: